Sunday, August 28, 2016

Brazilian Go-Go Boy Danilo Models Underwear, Goes Nudist Backpacking

Brazilian male model & go-go boy Danilo works some sexy men's underwear on Fire Island.


If you subscribe to (and I wish you would, it's free!), then you may have already enjoyed some of my super sexy photo sets of Brazilian go-go boy and Zumba god Danilo. He's posed for a series of artistic nude male model photos, worked his macho handsome looks as a construction worker on Fire Island, modeled some hot men's underwear, tried on some sexy Speedos while working out and even showed his skills as a boxer

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Now, it's time to follow Danilo and his beautiful smile to Fire Island again, for a super sexy modeling set where he tries on nearly see-through men's underwear, and goes for a quick walk as a nude backpacker. Check out the accompanying video to see even more of this handsome Brazilian male fitness model and go-go boy. And stay tuned to modelJOCK for more!

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Tiny men's underwear looks great on Brazilian male fitness model & go-go boy Danilo.
Brazilian male model & go-go boy Danilo checks the fit on his sexy men's underwear.
Brazilian go-go boy Danilo gets ready for a nudist hike on Fire Island.
Brazilian go-go boy & Zumba god Danilo takes a nudist hike in the sands of Fire Island.
Trail blazer: sexy Brazilian male model Danilo enjoys some naked hiking on Fire Island.
Does this outfit make me look big? Brazilian go-go boy Danilo models sexy men's underwear.

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