Sunday, April 3, 2016

Samir: Super Sexy Latin Male Model Comes Back, Nearly Nude

Sexy Latin male model Samir poses nearly nude in his latest photo shoot.


He was already voted Mr. modelJOCK 2015/2016 — the most viewed and most liked male model on this site and also on the modelJOCK YouTube channel. He's so good, in fact, that I went back to Panama to photograph him again. And now it's time to check out the first shots from our second shoot. 

Super sexy Samir knows he has sex appeal, and he's not afraid to use it. That's why he now has thousands of fans and followers. In this second shoot, he poses in men's underwear, Speedos and for a series of artsy nude shots in the shower and in bed. This is just a preview, and you can see more in the video slide show (and if you want to learn how to enjoy his beautiful home country of Panama, visit Be sure to subscribe to and my YouTube channel so you don't miss the next round of photos. 

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Sexy male model Samir gets undressed.
Handsome Latin male model Samir hails from Panama.
Sexy male model Samir shows off his pierced nipples.
Sexy Latin male model Samir shows his sex appeal.
Why wear pants when you're as sexy as Samir?
No need for pants: Nude fashion statement by sexy male model Samir.
Handsome male model Samir was named Mr. modelJOCK 2015/2016.

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