Sunday, January 17, 2016

Luis: Artistic Nude Study of a Young Male Model

Young Mexican male model Luis shows natural sexy appeal in this series of artistic nude shots.


You may have already seen photos of young male model Luis in Speedos and men's underwear, in the first part of our recent shoot in Cancun. Now it's time to view some of the most beautiful artistic nude male shots from our session.

This Mexican male model's youthful and sexy good looks — which you can also see in the preview video slide show — are truly beautiful in these classic nude male body portraits. 

If you speak Spanish, you should also check out the video interview I did with Luis, about the differences between Cancun, where he lives now, and Acapulco, where he was born. Subscribe to and my YouTube channel to see even more of this sexy young guy in a variety of concepts! 

If you're looking to explore the beauty of Cancun yourself, check out the travel blog

For even more artistic male photography, check out my collector's photo book, Art of the Male Body (which features more than 140 pages of never-before-seen artistic nude photos — and the electronic PDF version is just $9.99), as well as modelJOCK WET: Male Models Underwater, my male photography book that features some of my sexiest male models, including artistic nudes you won't see anywhere else (eBook version just $11.99)!  

Sexy young Mexican male model Luis poses artistic nude.
Latino male model Luis strikes a classic artistic nude pose.

Luis shows off tattoos and sexy good looks while nude in bed.
Luis shows the tattoo on his back in this artistic nude shot.
The complete full nude photos of young male model Luis will appear in a book from modelJOCK.
One of the goals with this shoot was to recreate classic Greco-Roman nude male poses.
Fans of young male model photography love Luis's artistic nude male shots.
Young male model Luis checks himself out in the mirror during the artistic nude photo shoot.
Mirror image: If Luis had a twin, this is how the shoot would look.


  1. Porque hacer fotos desnudo si después se censuran???

    1. Gracias por comentar! Como menciona en el reportaje, las fotos sin censura se pueden ver en los libros, que se vende en formato impreso y también electrónico:


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