Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Robert: Handsome Male Model Channels Marky Mark & Nick Jonas in Sexy Underwear Shoot

Male model Robert mimics Marky Mark & Nick Jonas in sexy men's underwear.


Marky Mark made lots of news when he dropped his trousers and showed off his Calvin Klein underwear in a well-publicized ad campaign in the 1990s. More recently, Nick Jonas did the same. Now, it's time for Robert, a handsome male model based in New York City, to do the same. In these daringly sexy photos, Robert shows off his muscled body wearing nothing more than a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs and jeans. 

Stay tuned to and the modelJOCK - Mark Edward Studio channel on Youtube to see even more of Robert.  

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Young male model Robert shows his sexy side in this shirtless underwear pose.
Male model Robert shows classic Marky Mark & Nick Jonas style in these sexy underwear shots.
Sexy style: Male model Robert in classic men's underwear.
Male model Robert looks great in shirtless shots.
Calvin Klein men's underwear is a necessity for these Marky Mark - Nick Jonas themed shots.
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