Sunday, December 20, 2015

Who's the Sexiest, Most Handsome Guy of the Year? Vote for Mr. modelJOCK 2015

These are the 7 most-viewed male models on modelJOCK this year. Which one is your favorite?

As the year comes to an end, it's time to revisit those male models who attracted the most attention with and Mark Edward Studio this year. These are the sexy, handsome guys who've received the most "likes," the most views and the most visits, both on this blog and also on the modelJOCK video channel on YouTube. 

I've already narrowed it down to the top five finalists for the top male models of for the year. Now it's your turn: You have one final chance to show your support for your favorite guys of the year in both categories: Top Male Model in Photos and Top Male Model Video. The overall winner will be named Mr. modelJOCK 2015 — which means you'll get to see even more of him. 

This year's roundup of male models shows great diversity — so whether you prefer muscular men with lots of muscle and sex appeal, or young guys with slim and sexy physiques, you'll find something to fit the bill. 

How do you vote? Use the links below to visit the blog post and videos of each of the finalist models. Watch, like and share with your friends — it all adds up to higher numbers for your favorite candidate. May the best (and sexiest, most handsome) man win!

(Order of candidates is random and does not reflect their final ratings.)

The Contenders 

(please click, view, like and share your favorite!)

Jose: Teen Bodybuilder in Muscle Man Swimwear Shoot

Josue: Young Male Model, Sexy Beach Boy

Samir: Incredibly Sexy Latin Male Model in Men's Underwear

Daniel: Men's Underwear & Speedo Test Shots

Robert: Handsome Male Model in Men's Underwear & Boxer Shoot

Jose: Men's Underwear & Artistic Body Shots

The Contenders 
(please click, view, like and share your favorite!)
Jorge Luis exudes macho sex appeal in this Speedos shoot.

Josue: Young Male Model Goes Super Sexy in Impossibly Tiny Men's Underwear

Tiny men's underwear gives added sex appeal to young male model Josue.

Daniel: Handsome Latin Male Model in Artistic Nude & Men's Underwear Shots

Daniel is super hot in this artistic nude male model shoot.

Samir is the ultimate Latin lover in this men's underwear shoot.

Robert channels Marky Mark in sexy men's underwear.

Young male model Josue wows in sexy Speedos.

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