Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Winner of Mr. modelJOCK 2015: Samir — Sexiest Man of the Year Takes the Honors!

Incredibly sexy male model Samir has won the title of Mr. modelJOCK, thanks to thousands of fans.

For the past couple of years, I've reviewed the statistics for all of the male models I've worked with for the entire year — including likes, clicks, views and shares, both here and on the modelJOCK YouTube channel

This year, I came up with 7 finalists for the most viewed, most liked man of the year. All of these 7 male model finalists are handsome, talented and sexy men, representing a diverse array of looks, from young and slim to big and muscled. 

Now, it's time to narrow it down to the two finalists, based on likes and clicks of photos and videos, and here is the winner for Mr. modelJOCK 2015:

MR. modelJOCK 2015: Samir
No one looks better in men's underwear than male model Samir.
It's with great pleasure that I announce that the winner of the title of Mr. modelJOCK this year is Samir. There's something about Samir. With just one photo shoot that took place in September in Panama, he dominated the modelJOCK Youtube channel for weeks, racking up more than 10,000 viewers in just over two months (his super-sexy slide-show video wins the prize for the most-viewed and most-liked video of 2015 on the channel). 

Combine that with the thousands of clicks, likes and views his two posts have attracted on modelJOCK.com:

Latin Lover: Samir Looks Super Sexy in Tight White Men's Underwear, in Bed

Samir: Incredibly Sexy Latin Male Model Shows Off in Men's Underwear

You can see that this incredibly sexy Panamanian male model has something special. He also knows how to give his fans and followers what they want, with super-sexy poses and wardrobe.

The great thing is, this is just the beginning. I have a lot more photos of this handsome male model to post and share, and we are already planning our second photo shoot for 2016, which will also include creative video (we also may do an entire book of sexy shots of Samir, so you'll be able to find that — and other male photography books — in the Mark Edward Studio bookstore). Congratulations Samir, and thank you for sharing your creativity, talent and sexy good looks with us!

Sexy male model Samir poses in men's underwear.


FIRST RUNNER UP FOR MR. modelJOCK 2015: Daniel
With his sexy smile and slim good looks, Daniel captured the eyes of thousands on modelJOCK.com.
Beautiful Venezuelan male model Daniel wins the runner-up title, with the award for Most-viewed male model photo post of 2015: Check out the post, Daniel: Handsome Latin Male Model in Artistic Nude & Men's Underwear Shoot, and you'll see why he's taken the lead with his sex appeal and amazing smile. There are still more shots that you'll be able to see in the coming months on modelJOCK.com (subscribe for free, so you don't miss a thing). Congratulations Daniel on capturing the hearts of thousands of viewers!

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