Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Twink to Hunk: Jorge Luis Goes from Teen Beach Boy to Sexy, Tattooed Macho Male Sex Symbol

2015: Jorge Luis is a tattooed Cuban male model with lots of sex appeal in his Speedos.
2008: At age 19, Jorge Luis was a slim but sexy teen male model with a young beach boy style.


Time can bring a lot of changes, especially when you make an effort. Seven years ago, I did a photo shoot with two talented teen guys in Miami Beach. One of them was Jorge Luis, who at age 19 was very slim but still had lots of sex appeal and talent in front of the camera. 

Flash forward seven years, and I've finally had a chance to do another photo shoot with this exceptional Latino male model. Except this time, the shoot was in Fort Lauderdale — and, more importantly, Jorge Luis isn't a teenager any more. He's a muscled, tattooed, sexy Cuban guy with even more sex appeal and talent for working the camera to get the best results. With tends of thousands of fans and followers, Jorge Luis — who's worked as a go-go boy and male model around the USA — is a true talent and sex symbol. Be sure to check out Jorge in motion in the behind-the-scenes male model video, and hear his sexy voice in a quick shout-out video as well.

It's hard to resist Jorge Luis's natural charm and great talent, as well as his muscular form and amazing tattoos. I'm including a few "before and after" shots from our 2008 and 2015 shoots. Be sure to subscribe to so you won't miss the rest of the hot photos from our shoot (as well as maybe some more retro photos from his teen model days, if you like). And I hope I won't have to wait another seven years to work with him again!  

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Showing muscle: Cuban male model Jorge Luis flexes in his Speedos on the beach.
Latin male model Jorge Luis shows off his sexy tattoos.
Speedos make a sexy fashion statement for Cuban male model Jorge Luis.
Teen guy: as a 19-year-old male model just starting out, Jorge Luis was slim but sexy.


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