Saturday, December 20, 2014

VIDEO: Jose — MMA Fighter, Speedos & Sexy Body Shots

Latino male model José makes an impressive statement in a series of artistic nude photos.


Puerto Rican male jock José is multitalented. He plays MMA and stays in slim shape with exercise, and he also does great work as an artistic male model. In this flashback collection of photos and video from the Mark Edward Studio - modelJOCK channel on Youtube, he shows his artistic side in a series of artistic nude shots as well as sexy speedos shots. 

You can see more of José in modelJOCK WET: Male Models Underwater, the photo book that features some of modelJOCK's hottest male models (the eBook edition costs just $11.99 and includes 14 uncensored, behind-the-scenes video shorts), as well as in other books from the Mark Edward Studio bookshop. What better than a collector's book of sexy guys for the holidays! 

And for more information about travel to Puerto Rico (where this photo shoot took place), check out the travel blog

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Announcing the 6 Sexy Male Model Finalists for Mr. modelJOCK 2014: Who Will You Vote For?

It's almost the end of the year, and it's time to take a look at the male models who attracted the most attention here at I've had the honor to photograph a wide variety of talented and handsome men over the past several years around the hemisphere, and the past several months have been no exception. 

We've already narrowed down the candidates to the six male models who've gotten the highest combined scores in terms of page views and likes on, combined with views and likes on the modelJOCK - Mark Edward Studio channel on Youtube. Now it's your turn to vote and help decide who is the sexiest man of this year. 

Who will be Mr. modelJOCK 2014? It's easy to cast your vote: Just click on the link of your favorite model below, watch the video and "like" it on Youtube, and/or click to see and like the post here on Stay tuned for the winner!

Candidate #1: Hector

Click here to see (and "like") more photos of Héctor!

Candidate #2: Alexandr

Click here to see (& "like") more photos of Alexandr! 

Candidate #3: Alberto
Click here to see (& "like") more photos of Alberto!

Candidate #4: Ziad

Click here to see (& "like") more photos of Ziad! 

Candidate #5: Omar

Click here to see (& "like") more photos of Omar!

Candidate #6: Anthony 

Click here to see (& "like") more photos of Anthony!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Enrique: Beautiful Artistic Nude Male Model Shoot

Handsome male model Enrique in a sexy set of artistic male nude shots.


Based in New York City, male model Enrique is a popular go-go boy at one of the city's best nightclubs. He made a splash with his first photo set (which included sexy Speedo's and men's underwear) on, and in this second appearance, he wows with his sexy, natural seductiveness in a series of black-and-white artistic nude shots. 

Stay tuned to for even more of handsome Latino male model Enrique — and don't forget to "like" and share your favorite modelJOCK models, to help them rank as the most popular models of the year (you can also follow modelJOCK on Twitter so you won't miss a thing). 

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Rico: Sexy Latino Male Model Goes Shirtless Outdoors

Sexy Latino male model Rico shows his tattoo & great abs in this shot.


The first set of photos I published of 21-year-old male model Rico a few months back — which were done with a sexy World Cup male model theme — got such a great response that it's high time we showcased some more of this handsome Latino male model. 

In this exclusive photo and video set, Rico shows his sex appeal in a series of shirtless photos outdoors. Check out his giant chest tattoo. Check out his well-defined abs. Notice his seductive stare. And then try not to be impressed (in the video, you'll also hear how he uses all of these qualities to attract women).  

And if you're looking for the perfect hot holiday gift idea, check out the Mark Edward Studio - modelJOCK bookstore. Get sexy, uncensored photos of some of modelJOCK's hottest male models, with prices starting at just $7.99 for eBooks and $9.99 with exclusive behind-the-scenes video clips!

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