Sunday, November 2, 2014

MMA Sexy Guys Beach Fight: Rony vs. José

Muscle jocks Rony and Jose spar as sexy MMA stars on the beach.


In this exclusive VIDEO shot in Puerto Rico,
I showcase Rony and José, a sexy Latino MMA fighter Rony and his
protegee, young José, as they fight on the beach on a rainy day in San
Juan. It was one of my most exciting shoots on the island, as these two
male fitness models showed their strength against each other — and one
even walked away with a bit of a wound. 

See more of Rony and José on my Youtube male model channel, and also look for exclusive artistic nude shots of José in Mark Edward Studio's upcoming photo book. 

If you're looking to visit Puerto Rico, be sure to check out the travel blog, which is loaded with great travel tips! 

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