Wednesday, January 15, 2014

VIDEO: Travis — Muscular Male Model, Shirtless on the Mountain

Male model Travis goes shirtless to show off his six-pack abs and muscles.


In his latest EXCLUSIVE VIDEO and photo shoot, handsome male fitness model Travis — one of the all-time most popular male models to appear on — goes shirtless to climb a mountain in his hometown of Beacon, New York. He takes time to stop and pose for some unique outdoor muscle shots, modeling compression pants and shorts, and also talks about his love of fitness — and why it's OK to reward yourself with a beer every now and then. 

If you're inspired by Travis, you should definitely see this whole photo collection — and also subscribe to, since he's done multiple photo and video shoots (and we'll likely do more this year). 

Male model Travis stops to pose shirtless in compression pants.

Travis is one of the most-viewed male models to appear on
Teenage wasteland? Sexy male model Travis models compression pants.
Triumphant: Muscular male model Travis, shirtless at the top of the mountain.

Don't miss a thing.

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