Monday, November 18, 2013

John Quinlan: The World's Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model, on Success, Tattoos & Posing Nude

John Quinlan has gained fame for posing nude and for his impressive tattoos. Photo: Sandra Kimball

It's been a while since John Quinlan did his first interview with, about his decision to pose nude for a professional photo shoot (check out the interview: Should Male Models Pose Nude? For John Quinlan, the Answer Is Yes). Since then, this 38-year-old male fitness model and Playgirl Hunk of the Month — a former bodybuilder and professional wrestler — has found great success as the tattooed, sexy face for romance stories. In this second interview, he shares his latest news and modeling tips.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Time for a Sexy New Male Model Calendar for 2014: modelJOCK Body Natural

Naked beauty: The modelJOCK "Body Natural" calendar features artistic nude guys and top models.

It's the beginning of the holiday season, and before you know it, the year will be over and a new one will start. So how do you begin the new year with a bang? Consider The Men of modelJOCK "Body Natural" calendar, a collection of 12 sexy guys in photos you won't soon forget. 

Featuring muscular male models and a variety of male fitness model types, the "Body Natural" calendar makes a perfect gift for anyone who appreciate the beauty of the male body. Big, bold and sexy, this calendar features some of the most popular male models to appear on And it's available in both a large and small size. These are just a couple sample images of the artistic nude male images from this spectacular collection of male model talent. 

If you're looking for additional gift ideas, don't miss modelJOCK WET: Male Models Underwater, a photo book with a variety of up-and-coming male models, with intimate, artistic nude shots never before seen on (it's available in print form as well as a PDF and eBook, which includes 14 behind-the-scenes video shorts). 

Happy New Year!

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