Saturday, July 27, 2013

VIDEO: Muscular Male Fitness Model Joselito Debuts, With Boxing, Speedo & Underwear Shoot

Boxing enthusiast Joselito becomes a sex symbol when he models boxing gear and Speedo-style swimwear.


He's a new face on the male model scene. And he's bound for glory. Male fitness model Joselito makes his VIDEO DEBUT in this exclusive. He's got an impressive combination of face and body — and in fact, it's a body in progress that's getting better every week, as he shows during his weight-lifting workout in this video and photo shoot.

In this video and photo set, 20-year-old Joselito also showcases his talent as a men's underwear and Speedos model, while also showing his skills as a boxer (he even knows how to work the "sexy nerd" look!). Stay tuned for yet another photo and video set that includes shower, swimwear and towels. This is a sexy male model you should keep your eye on — he's bound for glory.

(If you like how Joselito looks in the official T-shirt, order one for yourself!)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

VIDEO: Travis — Muscular Personal Trainer goes Artistic Nude in the Shower & Bath

Muscular male model Travis shows six-pack abs and rips his shirt in the shower, in his latest video.


He's one of the most popular male models ever to appear on  So it's always a big deal when Travis Dinan — who also works as a personal trainer in upstate New York — makes yet another appearance. 

In this newest EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, this muscular male fitness model shows off his sexy six-pack abs, impressive chest and overall muscular form, while modeling in a wet T-shirt and men's underwear in the shower and also posing for artistic nude shots in the bathtub. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

VIDEO: Surprise! Sexy Latino Male Fitness Model & Soccer Player Manuel's Unplanned Shoot

Sexy Latino male soccer player Manuel made a surprise debut on male model site


It was totally unplanned. I was visiting Las Vegas for a big travel convention, and didn't think I'd have time to do a photo shoot. But I'd been in touch with Las Vegas-based male fitness model and soccer player Manuel Barraza for more than a year, so when it turned out that we both had time to do a quick photo shoot, I jumped at the chance, and so did he. The result is this exclusive male model photo & VIDEO set.

I didn't have my good cameras with me. I didn't have my good lighting. I didn't have clothing from my prop closet for Manuel to wear. But that didn't stop either of us. Manuel brought a variety of sexy men's underwear, swimwear and soccer clothing, and I whipped out my iPhone and tiny travel camera, and we were ready to go. 

In this exclusive video, this up-and-coming male fitness model — who is originally from Mexico — shows his sexy six-pack abs and impressive shirtless muscular definition, as he speaks (in Spanish, with English-language subtitles) about how he stays in shape. Watch him flex his muscles and show off his tight washboard abs, as he poses in men's underwear, men's boxer briefs and in artistic nude shots. All this proves that you don't need the most expensive camera to make great male model photos. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New "Best of modelJOCK" VIDEO Highlights Hottest Male Models, with Sexy Style

Carlos and Merlin are two of the sexy men featured in the new "best of" video.


The recent revamping of Youtube meant that the modelJOCK TV channel could put together a "best of" video as a welcome to new viewers. 

The result is a VIDEO called "Male Models, Hot Guys & Sexy Male Fitness Models." In this fast-paced video, you'll see several of the rising male model stars who have posed for in recent years, including men in Speedos, men's underwear shoots, and on-location shots on the beach and in the pool. 

Which male models are your personal favorites? Tell me who you'd like to see more of!  (And don't forget you can see more than a dozen of modelJOCK's hottest male models in modelJOCK WET: Male Models Underwater, which has an eBook version, available for just $11.99, that includes 14 uncut behind-the-scenes video shorts!)

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