Saturday, April 27, 2013

VIDEO: Jump Rope Workout for Muscle Fitness: Muscular Male Model Travis Shares his Secrets

Muscular male model Travis goes shirtless to show the benefits of jump roping. 


In this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, male fitness model Travis tells you why a jump rope workout should be part of any mens fitness plan — and one look at his muscular body and six-pack abs is proof of the results.

Going shirtless and posing in compression pants, Travis makes it easy to see why jump roping can be a valuable part of any workout routine. 

Travis, one of the most-viewed male models to appear on, is a professional personal trainer based in Upstate New York. With his flexing muscles and great personality, he's a natural in front of the camera. And in every one of the video interviews he's done with, he's shared something new about his fitness and workout tips — and how they can work for you too. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Latin Rapper & Muscle Man "Chino" of Chino y Nacho Shows Muscles in Men's Health Magazine

Jesus Miranda, the sexy muscular Latin rapper from Chino y Nacho, poses shirtless in Men's Health.

It's not uncommon for male celebrities to go shirtless on magazine covers. Among the latest: Jesús Miranda, better known as "Chino," from the Latin musical duo Chino y Nacho, is showing his impressive muscles as he goes shirtless on the cover of this month's Men's Health en Español magazine

In the accompanying interview, Chino — who was born in 1984 in Venezuela — talks about his diet and exercise routine. In 2010, the group won the Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Urban Music Album for their album, Mi Niña Bonita. I

I write a lot about Latin America travel for my travel blog,, and during my travels have found Chino's ever-present smile, ripped abs and bulging muscles a popular presence on TV screens around Latin America, as well as in the United States. t just goes to show: staying in shape can help with many different careers. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

VIDEO: Sexy Vintage Speedos — Male Model Jordano Showers in Swimsuit, Underwear & Less

Wet underwear: Male model Jordano shows his sexy side in the shower.

PHOTOS & VIDEO BY MARK EDWARD STUDIO is, by name, quite obviously focused on muscular male fitness models — the types who feel as at home in the gym as they do in their own living room. But we also love to highlight artistic male models and fashion from time to time, showcasing the natural beauty of the male body as well as the creativity and style of fashion models. So I jumped at the chance to collaborate with Jordano, the stylish, sexy, international-style male model, in this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO. Vintage Speedo-style swimwear, crisp white men's underwear and a shower all help to make this into a visual treat. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

VIDEO: Muscular Male Model Efren Shares TRX Men's Workout & Fitness Tips


Anyone looking for a new way to stay in shape should check out this latest EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, in which male fitness model Efren shares his men's fitness tips and workouts for men, using the TRX system. 

Efren, muscular male model and personal trainer based in New York City, goes shirtless to share his expertise in creating the body you want — and he shows how to craft sexy abs and muscular arms, with ab workouts for men, core workouts for men and back workouts for men. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Yoga for a Better Sex Life

What do you think about when you hear the word yoga — women in tight spandex pants? No? Haven't seen the blog, have you (NSFW)? Do you think it's just a bunch of stretching and breathing? In either case, you're correct, but it's also so much more than that. In addition to helping you relax and increase your flexibility and circulation, it's also great for improving your sex life.

Yoga originated over 5,000 years ago in India, and has been helping people have a better sex life ever since. With a focus on hip openers and back bends, yoga helps you strengthen and elongate your muscles while simultaneously opening and stretching others. But how does this help your sex life? I'll tell ya.

One of the key components of yoga is relaxation — putting you in touch with yourself at the current moment. Yoga teaches you how to let things go, allow your mind to decompress and focus on the now, which can be crucial in bed. We often bring our stress to bed, which and substantially weaken our orgasms. By focusing on every little moment, touch and feel, you can make your orgasms much more powerful.

Yoga also increases your flexibility and strength — meaning you can get into funkier positions and hold yourself up longer. Everyone appreciates a man with a little creativity in bed, so see where your newfound flexibility can take you.

Yoga forces you to work your PC muscles — you know, the muscles responsible for keeping you from peeing your pants. Still confused? Go here. Flexing and strengthening your PC muscles not only help you in forward fold poses, but also can strengthen your erection, help cure erectile dysfunction and can even help out guys with premature ejaculation. These are the same muscles women use to tighten themselves around you when they are having sex. However, they can also use toys like ben wa balls from Adam & Eve to get a work out, while you'll have to do this exercise on your own. Takeaway from this? Do kegel exercises every day, with or without yoga.

But great. Now you know what yoga can do, but still don't know how to do it. You can always try a class. If you belong to a gym, they likely offer standard yoga classes for free. These typically serve as a good intro to yoga and will be a blend of all different styles. If you're looking for a little more of a challenge and work out, look for vinyasa classes, specifically with a "power" focus, and if you're looking for all of that with a little added sweat, check out traditional hot Bikram yoga. In all cases, you will be surrounded by lots of guys and girls in tight pants (and even less clothing in hot yoga), putting their butts in the air.

Wanna get started now and rev up your sex life immediately? Try a few of these poses at home. You'll find corresponding how-to YouTube videos with all of these.

Downward facing dog: This pose can teach you to slow down, relax and focus on the moment. Think of this pose as your meditative pose. However, while it allows your mind to relax, it also ignites all of the muscles in the legs and shoulders, warming your body up and getting it ready for action.

Cat/Cow Stretch: This moving pose not only feels great on your back, it also forces you to work directly on your PC muscles.

Foward Fold: Forward folds lengthen your spine and distribute energy to your organs. This is another pose that allows you to work on your PC muscles. Instead of just hanging loosely from your waist, hold yourself up by tightening your PC muscles. This pose also increases the flexibility in your legs, giving you greater range of motion.

Cobra Pose: This pose is great if you're feeling a little tired, out of it and unsexy. As a heart opener pose, you will instantly feel reenergized and when done with a partner, it can make you feel immediately sexually connected.

Bridge/Wheel: These poses (two variations of each other) are great for your hip flexors which tend to stiffen up over the course of the day. Opening, stretching and relaxing your hip flexors gives you more mobility in them, allowing you to really work them during sex. This pose also serves as a great shoulder stretch and just feels great all around.

Feature by Adam & Eve.  
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