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John Quinlan: The World's Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model, on Success, Tattoos & Posing Nude

John Quinlan has gained fame for posing nude and for his impressive tattoos. Photo: Sandra Kimball

It's been a while since John Quinlan did his first interview with, about his decision to pose nude for a professional photo shoot (check out the interview: Should Male Models Pose Nude? For John Quinlan, the Answer Is Yes). Since then, this 38-year-old male fitness model and Playgirl Hunk of the Month — a former bodybuilder and professional wrestler — has found great success as the tattooed, sexy face for romance stories. In this second interview, he shares his latest news and modeling tips.

You're now considered "The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in the World." How does it feel to have that title?
I am honored, Mark. To be known globally as "The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in the World” is very special, as it sets me apart from my cover model brothers. People remember me because I am different, and I have always liked being unique. 

What's the connection between tattoos and romance?
Absolutely, this is the new millennium and tattoos are more popular than ever. From Hollywood to professional sports, tattoos are a permanent part of our society. Many of the writers and authors have said they love the bad guy. With 20 tattoos which include two half sleeves, I am the romance cover model "bad guy with a heart of gold" in this business. I represent all the tattooed people in society and want them to know I will forever work hard to break the stereotype that tattooed people are bad. Never judge a book by its cover, because underneath all that ink is a kind wonderful person that just likes to be a bit different. As I said before, I have 20 tattoos currently. I never rule out getting more, Mark, trust me.    

It's been a while since you first posed nude professionally. What has been the overall response and effect on your career as a model?
Both of these Playgirl-themed shoots were done at the same time. The second set was just released a bit later than the first. The second set had a different background to it, so it made sense to release that set a bit later rather than doing everything all at once. Being nominated for June 2013 Playgirl Hunk of The Month was an honor. So many male models apply and just being selected to be in the running for the title was really something. It was nice to see so many liked my look as an adult model. I have received an overwhelming amount of support from people worldwide. I am taken back by all the mails that I have read from people. So many kind words and all the love and support have meant so much to me.         

Speaking of posing nude, there is often a debate about whether male models should shave their pubic hair or not. You did for your shoots. How did you decide that was the best look?
Being a physique model, among many other genres, I always a sport clean shaven face and body. As far as down under, if I did it was very short, because I always buzz it down neat before any model shoot. It all depends on the model’s personal preference. I am currently more into the fitness area of modeling, so I like to go all the way with the razor now — but that’s just me. 

What would you tell other aspiring male models who might be considering getting tattoos?
Be yourself and do what makes you happy. I always wanted to be different, so my tattoos were one of those things that I embraced as they earned John Quinlan the title of "The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in the World.” Thank you all so much!

As a photographer, I sometimes shoot male models nude and they frequently have questions about how to move forward with that type of modeling. What advice would you offer these guys?
Modeling is tough, Mark. The “Body Beautiful” world can be rough. Models endure much criticism and many just can’t handle it and drop out. As an adult model, when one says nude modeling I don’t really think of it as that. I think of it as art. The male and female art form can be quite amazing when the images are classy and tasteful. So with this in mind my advice for any male model that is thinking about posing nude: Ask yourself “is this right for me?” “Am I comfortable with my body and the person I am working with enough to take it to this next level?” If you answer yes to both of these questions immediately, then go for it, as it is an amazing accomplishment for any male model.    

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