Saturday, October 5, 2013

VIDEO: Sean — Muscular Male Model Gets Wet, while modeling Speedos in the Water

Muscular male model Sean poses in Speedo style swimwear for his cover shot on


In his second behind-the-scenes VIDEO, male model Sean goes shirtless and flexes his impressive muscles in the water, in a sexy on-location photo and video shoot in Rochester.

Whether posing in a wet shirt or modeling Speedo style men's swimwear, Sean's muscular form — including impressively ripped six-pack abs and bulging biceps — complements his winning smile perfectly. 

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Muscle and a great sense of humor helped male model Sean break that branch.
Getting wet made male model Sean's muscles show even more.

Standing wet in this stream, male model Sean shows his natural sex appeal.

Speedo style men's swimwear provides a sexy complement to Sean's six-pack abs.

Sexy men's swimwear fits male model Sean's muscular form perfectly.
Look at this biceps! Sean flexes his muscles and shows off six-pack abs while wearing sexy Speedos.

Sean's muscular body looks great in sexy Speedos.

It's almost time for 2014. 
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