Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sexy Manuel Shows his Abs & Muscle in Swimsuit & Artistic Nude Shoot

Sexy soccer player Manuel shows his abs in this shower/swimwear suit.


Sometimes great things are unplanned. I went to Las Vegas for a convention, not to do a photo shoot. But this surprise shoot with sexy soccer player Manuel, who is launching a career as a male fitness model, brought great results. This impressive new face on the male model scene is originally from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

You may have already seen the video and photos from the first part of this male model shoot. Now, I'm sharing a few additional shots that include sexy swimwear and artistic nude shots, using towels and bedsheets to great effect. With his sex-pack abs and perfectly proportioned muscular body, Manuel shows the naked truth about male beauty in real time.

Soccer player Manuel is getting into modeling — and his sexy abs look great.

Male fitness model Manuel looks sexy wearing nothing but a towel.
Naked beauty: Sexy male model & soccer player poses artistic nude, with towel.
More naked truth about beauty: Male fitness model Manuel poses for a great artistic nude shot.

With his sex-pack abs and tight body, male fitness model Manuel is poised to be a sex symbol.

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