Saturday, July 6, 2013

New "Best of modelJOCK" VIDEO Highlights Hottest Male Models, with Sexy Style

Carlos and Merlin are two of the sexy men featured in the new "best of" video.


The recent revamping of Youtube meant that the modelJOCK TV channel could put together a "best of" video as a welcome to new viewers. 

The result is a VIDEO called "Male Models, Hot Guys & Sexy Male Fitness Models." In this fast-paced video, you'll see several of the rising male model stars who have posed for in recent years, including men in Speedos, men's underwear shoots, and on-location shots on the beach and in the pool. 

Which male models are your personal favorites? Tell me who you'd like to see more of!  (And don't forget you can see more than a dozen of modelJOCK's hottest male models in modelJOCK WET: Male Models Underwater, which has an eBook version, available for just $11.99, that includes 14 uncut behind-the-scenes video shorts!)

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