Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sexy in Brazil: Why Men in Rio de Janeiro Aren't Afraid of Speedos (& Why You Shouldn't Be Either)

Sexy guys in Brazil: This male model in Rio de Janeiro poses in Speedos.


Have you ever noticed that a lot of men in the United States are afraid of Speedos? Even first-time male models are sometimes uncomfortable in this type of men's swimwear, especially if  they've been spending their entire lives wandering the beach wearing bulky, over-long shorts that look more appropriate on a basketball court. But if you're aiming to showcase your muscular frame and physique as a male fitness model — or just attract some well-deserved attention from potential love interests — it only makes sense to show more of yourself and less of those bulky clothes. Women do it, so why shouldn't you?

In Brazil, men of all walks of life are much more comfortable with smaller, Speedo-style men's swimwear. As in Europe, it's nothing unusual to see men of varying ages and body types squeezing into the smallest-possible Speedos and heading to the beach. These photos are among several examples that I took during recent trips to Rio de Janeiro. So if you're thinking of flying down to Rio and you want to look good, be sure to pack that sexy Speedo! 

This sexy Speedo works perfectly on this male model on Copacabana Beach.

Changing into tight Speedos is nothing out of the ordinary on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.
A towel serves as a makeshift changing room for a muscular Speedo salesman on Ipanema Beach.
This shirtless surfer on Ipanema Beach just changed out of his Speedos.
Speedo style men's swimwear is both sexy and convenient when playing beach sports.

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