Friday, June 14, 2013

Male Models & Jocks Go Shirtless in Las Vegas, Making $ as Male Dancers and Male Strippers

This muscular male model worked as an exotic male dancer at a private outdoor event in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a land of opportunities for male models and male fitness enthusiasts. Just as Vegas showgirls are legendary for their perfect bodies and talent in front of a camera or an audience, muscular men can also find fame and fortune in so-called Sin City by taking their talents to the stage, working in a variety of jobs that can include acrobats, male dancers, male strippers, go-go boys and even product models at corporate events. The all-male dance revues in Las Vegas — Chippendales and The Thunder From Down Under — are both big attractions, and employ dozens of male models.

I recently traveled to Las Vegas for a large convention and had a chance to witness first-hand male models and other jocks making money by performing. Here are a few photos. To see more photos from my trip to Las Vegas, follow me on Instagram (Mundera)!

The male strippers from Thunder From Down Under show their muscles in Las Vegas.

Muscular men like this male model can make a living as exotic dancers in Las Vegas.

Additional talents like playing with fire are a plus for muscular male dancers in Las Vegas.
Costumes for male dancers in Las Vegas are made extra small to show more muscle.
Ripped abs and a muscular torso are a must for male dancers looking to make it in Vegas.
Male dancers need self-confidence and should be proud to show off their muscles.

This shirtless California beach boy worked at a recent tourism event in Vegas.
Jocks and athletes can also make money by performing at private events.

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