Saturday, May 25, 2013

VIDEO: Male Fitness Model Efren Flexes Muscles & Shares Workout Tips

Muscular male model Efren works out and shares his muscle fitness tips.


Muscular male fitness model and personal trainer Efren knows what he's talking about when it comes to staying in shape. 

In this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, this New York City-based male model shows off his impressive physique, as he flexes his muscles and shares some of his own men's workout and men's fitness tips. 

Male fitness model Efren's muscular definition shows when he flexes shirtless.
It's hard to miss male fitness model Efren's muscular bicep when he takes a break to refuel.

Muscular male model Efren's cut abs are among the most noticeable features when he poses shirtless.
Efren's muscular chest, ripped abs and powerful biceps show in full force in this muscle pose.
Male fitness model Efren shows off his muscle man qualities when he flexes shirtless.

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