Monday, May 6, 2013

Should Male Models Pose Nude? For Muscular Bodybuilder John Quinlan, the Answer is Yes

Naked Truth: Male fitness model John Quinlan decided now is the time to pose nude.


At age 38, male fitness model and award-winning bodybuilder John Quinlan already had an impressive portfolio of work with various photographers. Then came the big question that many male models face: Should I pose nude? 

For this Boston-based model, the answer was yes — and he hasn't regretted his decision. In this exclusive interview and photo preview, John talks about the ins and outs of getting naked in front of the camera.

John is an accomplished fitness model and bodybuilder; in April 2013, he swept all three Men’s Physique classes winning the Open Men’s Physique class, the Master’s Men’s Physique class and the Overall Men’s Physique Championship title at the 2013 NPC Vermont Bodybuilding Championships on April 27th

How did you decide to pose nude?
I decided to take my career as a male model to the next level at this time. I am very happy with my decision, as I have had such great support from so many people around the globe, and the feedback I have received on the images has been very positive. 

Did you find the experience  different from other photo shoots that you've done?
It was a little bit different, but I think the main thing here is self-confidence. I really believe any model that takes on images of this magnitude has to have a solid level of self-esteem and confidence to be successful.  

Muscular male model and bodybuilder John Quinlan recently did his first nude photo shoot.

How has posing nude affecting your career and popularity as a model?
It has been overwhelmingly positive! I have received thousands of emails of support from people all over the globe. The feedback has been incredible and I am truly honored by it all.  

A lot of models face the question of whether posing nude is right for them. What advice would you offer them?
You are right about that, Mark. Many models are faced with this question at some point during their career, and while it may feel right for some, it will just never happen for others. It is a decision that in your own heart you know just feels right at that time. It was the right decision at the time for John Quinlan as a male model. 

Tattooed male fitness model John Quinlan posed nude for this exclusive photo shoot.

John's Stats:
Age: 38
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 190-200lbs.
Shoe size: 10 features artistic nude male models, but can't feature full frontal; to see the complete photos, click here

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