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Sex & The Single Male Model: Mynor Tells How to Pick Up Girls & What Women Want in Bed

Male fitness model Mynor talks openly about how modeling and muscles affect his sex life.

Do male models get laid more than other guys? Maybe. In this exclusive interview, 21-year-old male model Mynor Espinoza — a rising male fitness model and men's workout enthusiast from Central America — shares his intimate, candid thoughts about male model sex appeal, and how being in shape can help to seduce and satisfy women. 

At what age did you start working out, and why?
I started when I was 18, but first I started exercising a little at home, before starting at the gym, so my body would get used to the rhythm of training. What motivated me was seeing action movies on TV, where actors with good bodies are the bravest guys with the most important roles — since they're the most attractive and the ones who attract more of the girls' attention. I got the idea to train, in order to see what results and benefits I could achieve by being in shape. Since then, I've been exercising in the gym — although I don't have a super-strict regimen, since there are weeks that I don't go, in order to give the body a rest and not have to think only about going to the gym, but also about other activities that can benefit me. 

Has being in shape helped you attract more women?
I think so. Nowadays it's in fashion to be in good physical shape, for various reasons or goals. But in my case, my objective for being in good shape is to look good, attract girls' attention and work in the world of modeling.

Most girls are attracted to men with good bodies, with good muscles, because they like to feel a solid body. They get excited by being with a truly strong man who can satisfy them in whatever way they want. On the other hand, girls are also interested in guys who are in modeling, because they feel fortunate that someone who's popular and in "show business" pays attention to them, and they see that the person, in addition to being attractive, treats them well. 

Male model Mynor showed his muscles in  a series of artistic nude shots.

What do women say to you about your body? What do they like the best?
As far was what I've heard, some girls have said that the parts that they most like in a man with a good body are the gluteal muscles, because they say a man looks good when he has a good butt. Another part that they like are the pectorals, because when it comes time to touch, they can feel all the flesh and muscle that you have, and when they see or feel a man's muscular pectorals, they get excited. Another part that girls like are the abdominals, because they like to feel the firmness and see how elegant a well-defined abdomen can be. 

And what do you think are your best body parts?
In my opinion, my best body parts are my legs and my pectorals; the legs because they make my body complete — it's not just from the waist up — and the pecs because I like to see how the pectoral muscle stands out; their strength and elegance is noticeable. It's one of the muscles that girls touch and look at.

Muscular male model Mynor poses in Speedos — and shares secrets of picking up girls.

So you think women are more into dating and having sex with a guy who's in shape?
As I mentioned before, today women are more attracted to a guy in good physical condition or to a model. If they're going to a party, they want to go with the best, to show off, so people see that the most elegant men go out with them. And they also like to have sex with someone who has a well-toned body, so they feel more pleasure — the pleasure of doing it with a man with a good body. They think it's best to have sex with a model or someone with a good body, instead of someone with a physical state that they would call unacceptable. They say that a person who's skinny or overweight won't give them the same pleasure as someone who has what they like. 

Does exercising and modeling help you seduce women more, and make you better in bed?
Yes, it helps me in both things — in bed, because it gives me more resistance for the sexual act, for example, doing different types of sex or sexual positions, so that the girl can find what I do in bed very pleasurable. As for modeling, in addition to attracting more attention from girls, it has helped me to be less timid and express myself better with people — I'm no longer afraid to talk to a girl and tell her everything I want, and that makes it easier to achieve my objectives to seduce a woman and take her to bed. Also, I'm more expressive with girls, in terms of telling them what type of things I want to do in bed. In this way, I think that my exercises and being a model help. 

This shirtless test shot of male model Mynor shows the chest muscles he says help seduce women. 

It sounds like you have a very fulfilling sex life! 
I never imagined that I'd arrive at such a pleasurable point in my youth, an extreme youth with parties, rum, women, etc. My concept is to live life, because it's the only one I've got, and if you don't enjoy it now, later you won't be able to. That's why I enjoy every moment of my life as if it were the last — party every weekend and if possible during the week too, during which I can make new friends — especially women with whom I can experience new things in bed, have a great time. Later, I can tell myself that what I've done is unique and that I've lived my life as I wanted, without complaining about what I've learned up until now because it's helped me, for better or worse. 

What is your overall philosophy about life and sex?
Everything that happens and everything that I do, I treat it like something new that I should know in life, without doing anything crazy that brings me to the end. I enjoy my life in such a way that everything is satisfactory to me, sexually and in the bacchanal sense, and I hope to continue this way until my youth ends and I arrive at my adult stage — although I'm not saying that I wouldn't stop being a sex symbol, since my sex life isn't ending. I have a lot of time left, and I hope that everything goes well, to continue enjoying good sex. 

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