Saturday, April 27, 2013

VIDEO: Jump Rope Workout for Muscle Fitness: Muscular Male Model Travis Shares his Secrets

Muscular male model Travis goes shirtless to show the benefits of jump roping. 


In this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, male fitness model Travis tells you why a jump rope workout should be part of any mens fitness plan — and one look at his muscular body and six-pack abs is proof of the results.

Going shirtless and posing in compression pants, Travis makes it easy to see why jump roping can be a valuable part of any workout routine. 

Travis, one of the most-viewed male models to appear on, is a professional personal trainer based in Upstate New York. With his flexing muscles and great personality, he's a natural in front of the camera. And in every one of the video interviews he's done with, he's shared something new about his fitness and workout tips — and how they can work for you too. 

Sexy male fitness model Travis is one of the most popular male models on
Sexy male model Travis's six-pack abs and well-defined muscles are an inspiration.

Travis has a decidedly well-defined, muscular body that's the result of varied men's exercise routine.

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