Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Male Fitness Model Chris "The Ab Show" White Talks Abs and Staying in Shape

Chris "The Ab Show" White

HEIGHT: 5’9”

WEIGHT: 175 lbs.


WAIST: 31”

CHEST: 44”
ARMS: 17”

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Cliffwood, New Jersey

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Born and raised in New Jersey

At what age did you start your fitness/workout program, and why did you start?
I started at a very early age I because growing up I was involved in many different sports activities. I started taking it very seriously in high school as I prepared to get an athletic scholarship in baseball.

What do you feel is your best physical attribute? Any body parts you focus on the most in terms of improvement? 
I definitely feel it’s my abs. It’s a body part everyone has but just unsure on how to make them appear.

What is your workout/exercise routine? 
I normally do a 5 day slit doing one body part daily. Something like this:

Mon- Chest
Tue- Back
Wed- Legs
Thurs- Shoulders
Friday- Arms

*Abs and calves every other day mixed with 5-6 days of cardio.

What about your diet — what do you eat and what do you avoid? 
I eat a high protein, low fat, low carb diet.  I eat lean protein like chicken, fish, ground turkey and steak.  Carbohydrates are sweet/baked potatoes, brown rice and or green leafy veggies.

How and when did you start modeling? What has been your proudest or most exciting moment so far? 
I started modeling about 2 years ago. I had a friend who needed a few males for a shoot so I did it and things took off from there. As far as exciting, its been a lot of working with different photographers, understanding concepts and capturing that perfect photo.

Besides working out, do you play any sports? 
Yes, I play or played baseball, basketball and football.

Besides modeling, do you do other kinds of work and if so, what do you do? What are your long-term professional goals?

I’m also in sales and have worked for fortune 500 companies. In my spare time I like learning and investing in real-estate. My long-term goals as a model are definitely to make in impact especially in the fitness industry, makes some covers, meet some amazing people and become an inspiration to others. Aside from that I just look to become a role-model to people and be able to impact their lives in one way or another.

What is the best way for people to follow your work?

I have a few social networks people can find me at:
(Coming soon)


Monday, September 3, 2012

VIDEO: Muscular Male Model — Speedos & Underwear Shoot


In this latest VIDEO compilation of a recent photo shoot, this muscular male model also shows off his talent as a young bodybuilder type, and show his skills in front of the camera while posing in Speedos and briefs. Take note, you guys who shave your armpits: This sexy male model keeps it neat but more natural.

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