Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teen Male Model Christian Gunn: Shooting Straight for the Top


Sexy and self-assured in front of the camera, teen male model Christian Gunn is already making his mark after just two photo shoots. In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, 19-year-old Christian talks about how he got started and shares some beautiful shots from photographer Carl Proctor.

Christian's Stats:
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WAIST: 31"
CHEST: 38"
WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Atlanta, Georgia

At what age did you start your fitness/workout program, and why did you start? 
I started at 18 when I began college, because being fit is something I have always wanted to accomplish — so I forced myself to do it, and now it is my passion.

What do you feel is your best physical attribute? Any body parts you focus on the most in terms of improvement?
My best physical attribute would be my arms; they show results faster than any other body part. I focus on my chest the most because it is the most stubborn.

What is your workout/exercise routine?
I do heavy lifting on Mondays wednesdays and Fridays and on tuesday and thursday I do cardio and abs. I work out Saturday and Sunday as well and those are the days I catch up on anything I slacked on earlier in the week.

What about your diet — what do you eat and what do you avoid?
I eat a lot of protein and I try to make sure everything is in moderation. If it has nutritional value, then most likely I will eat it. I try to stay away from sugary, processed, and sodium rich foods.

How and when did you start modeling? What has been your proudest or most exciting moment so far?
I just started modeling and I have had two successful photo shoots with some great photographers. I started to model because my mother has been persistent and wanted me to try it. It is something I have wanted to do but she gave me the confidence to pursue it.

Besides working out, do you play any sports?

I'm just a gym rat, but I love to do anything active that keeps my body moving.

Besides modeling, do you do other kinds of work and if so, what do you do? What are your long-term professional goals?
My main commitment is being a student and getting my degree in exercise and health science.

What is the best way for people to follow your work and progress?
My modelmayhem is www.modelmayhem.com/sonofagunn. Instagram: sonofagunnnn

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