Friday, April 27, 2012

VIDEO: Shirtless Male Model Alex Shows Six-Pack Abs, Talks about Muscle and Sports


New York City-based male model is 20 years old and did his very first professional photo shoot and interview with Mark Edward Studio and In this second EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from the shoot, Alex shows off his sexy six-pack abs and shares his own workout tips (including a demonstration of how he does sit-ups). Alex also talks about his experience playing basketball. 

With his outgoing personality, his authentic style and well-built, well-defined muscular body, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if you see more of Alex in the world of male models soon. 

High definition: Male model Alex's torso is muscular, slim and well defined.
Male model Alex flexes his biceps during a workout demonstration.

Male model Alex muscular bicep pops as he flexes during a workout demo.

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