Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photographer Louis Grosemont on Sexy Male Model Photos, & Whether You Should Pose Nude


Nearly every male model on this planet wants to be sexy, at least on some level. But the male models who have the luck to work with Atlanta-based photographer Louis Grosemont are likely to get much more than just sex appeal — they end up with strong images that grab attention and don't hide the natural attractiveness of each model.

Fearlessly masculine, sensual and often with strong sexual undertones, the photos that Louis and his models create do not shy away from making bold statements in representing male sexuality. Originally from Philadelphia but now based in Atlanta, Louis's work is decidedly global in appeal. In this exclusive interview, Louis talks with modelJOCK about how he finds his models and what it means to pose nude in today's world of modeling. 

When did you start photographing models, and what attracted you to photography?
I have a BA in Journalism and Masters in Communications. When I was in my last year at Temple University in Philadelphia, I took a photography class. My professor became my mentor and when I graduated he asked if I wanted to attend graduate school and teach the eight photography labs to his lecture class. So I did and fell in love with the whole processing and teaching of photography. So I did that for two years.

Your work is very masculine, with a sexy edge and well-endowed models. How would you describe your style?
I don’t know if I can describe my style. I just want to take photos that I would want to see myself. I try to take the model's best features and accent them. For me, the most important thing when I shoot is that the model feels comfortable enough with me to trust me with everything I do. And so far I have worked with the best models, but most importantly, the nicest guys ever! Which is why I use them over and over. I know they are tired of me…

What do you look for in a model? How do you find your models?
I always look for a model who can project something to the viewer. That is why before I photograph someone I ask to see as many pictures as possible. That shows me how they work with a camera, how they pose and from that you can see how comfortable they are in front of a camera. So for me, I really don’t want to see the best-looking guy or the most defined, but how they relate to the camera and the feelings, they as a model can project.  Anyone can pose, but what can they bring to the viewer. 

You do an amazing job of depicting masculinity in your nude and clothed shots. What would you say to a male model who is considering doing nude shots for his portfolio, but isn't sure what effect that might have on his other work and goals?
I really can’t speak to that. I think that is more of a personal decision. Many of the models I shoot tell me they are assigned to agencies and cannot shoot nudes. I do believe nudes are not for everyone. And if a model is uncomfortable with being shot nude, it definitely shows. I just hope the shots I do are accepted by everyone as tasteful and do justice to each model. 

What has been your proudest or most exciting moment so far in terms of your male model photography?
I just think the guys I have met and shot have been the best. I am so grateful to have been blessed with working with talented guys and very giving individuals. So every shoot for me is a defining moment, because I make it one.

What is the best way for us to follow your work?
Model Mayhem is the best way. It also has my email address should anyone want to contact me further.

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