Sunday, February 27, 2011

VIDEO: Nate — Teen Bodybuilder Pumps Up


How do you go from being a self-declared "fat kid" with a 48-inch-waist to an up-and-coming fitness model — not to mention one of the most-watched teen bodybuilders on Youtube? 

For teen bodybuilder Nate, it's taken five years of determination, diet and dedication. The results are truly impressive, as you'll see in this exclusive MALE MODEL VIDEO — part of Nate's first-ever professional photoshoot, and an exclusive for

Watching this video, you'll hear some of Nate's own personal fitness secrets, including how he's built and maintained his massive chest and bulging biceps and triceps. Whether he's flexing his muscles during an on-camera workout or talking about his journey toward physical perfection, Nate has plenty to offer as both a bodybuilder and a male model.

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Diesel, Levi's and G-Star Jeans at Universal Gear

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VIDEO/INTERVIEW: Man on a Mission — Noel Polanco, Vegan Fitness Star

Attention meat eaters: Noel Polanco is out to change your life. This New York City-based, self-proclaimed "Vegan Fitness Star" is living proof that you don't need to be a carnivore to gain muscle and stay in shape. Through his blog, Get Fit Or Die Trying, as well as his Youtube channel, this toned male model also aims to show how you can stay in shape without ever stepping foot in a gym. I've included samples from photoshoots he's done with a variety of photographers, although I hope to do a shoot with him soon, too — so stay tuned.

In this exclusive interview, Polanco shares some of his secrets for looking good and staying in shape — and not a single animal was harmed in the making of that body. 

Noel Polanco's Stats
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150
Waist: 29/30
Chest: 40 

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.
At what age did you start working out?

I got involved in fitness around junior high school. I was chubby and I just ate whatever they gave us in school and at home. I started jumping rope five days a week sometimes seven day a week to lose weight. I didn't want to be chubby anymore, so I lost weight by jumping rope.

At what age did you become a vegan, and why?

When [I was] younger, I came across a video on TV about the cruelty that goes on with animals. How cows were killed and brutally abused. It brought me to tears. I ran to the living room and told my mom, "look at this, what they're doing to the animals." She only replied, "why are you watching that?" It is sick. After that day, every time meat was made in my house I was haunted with the images of what I saw in the video when younger — until one day I said, no more will I eat meat. I don't need eggs, I don't need milk coming from another animal. I dont need none of that. The quote "you are what you eat" stays in my head. Do I want to be rotten flesh, a dead, abused animal? Do I want to drink milk from another animal, and let the baby starve without milk? No. I want to be healthy both from the inside and outside. God left us with everything we need that comes from the earth. If we were really meat eaters, why do we have to cook the meat in order to eat it? The answer is, because we wont like the taste of dead flesh.

How did you decide to "go public" and spread the word through videos and your blog?

I want to show people that there is a better road to walk through. It is not about just looking good from the outside. It's about being healthy from the inside. You don't need meat, junk food, dairy products, steroids to have a great-looking body. Not only does the vegan diet help you look great while working out, it also helps you stay disease free, helps you stay healthy. Why do you think Bill Clinton went vegan? Because he wants to live longer and be able to watch his grandchildren grow.

Noel Planco photographed by Rico Kinnard.

Why should other people should follow your diet and exercise plan?

The main reason is that you will feel better, cleaner, you will stay away from the doctor, and you will live a healthier life. Why wait to hit the age of 40 years old to change your diet. Do it now!

When was your first professional photo shoot? What do you like most about modeling?

I've been modeling for about two years, I would say now. First pro shoot was in '09, I believe. I love outdoor shoots in natural light, and love expressing myself and showing my lean body to the camera. A picture speaks louder than words; that's why I like modeling.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.

What are your ultimate fitness goals?

My ultimate goal is to keep getting stronger and healthier as each day passes by. I hope to come out in fitness magazines, sharing my story and sharing the type of workout I do. It would be dream come true. I also hope to help others lose weight the right way.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.
What are your ultimate goals in terms of your career as a fitness expert, model and promoter of veganism?

To make the world a better place with less cruelty, more awareness. I hope people try out the vegan diet. I hope people watch the animal cruelty videos. To keep showing people it is possible to build muscles on a vegan diet.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.
What are the first steps that someone should take if they want to accomplish what you've accomplished?

Open their eyes, be open minded, and not to be afraid to walk the road that isn't drawn out by society for you.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VIDEO: Jack — Male Model Behind the Scenes

Twenty-year-old Jack is a male model, baseball enthusiast, retail fashion expert and college student based in Redding, California. In this exclusive interview and VIDEO with, this slim, personable model talks about his goals and also shares some great fashion tips — mixed in with sample shots from our recent photoshoot. His good humor and great personality shines through as he speaks and poses for my camera.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

INTERVIEW/VIDEO: Teen Bodybuilder Cody Romel Villafranca Pumps up to Win

Teen bodybuilder Cody Romel Villafranca's recently did his first professional photoshoot with Kayla Robichaud.

In a short amount of time, Georgia-based teen bodybuilder Cody Romel has made remarkable progress — not only with his physical development, but also by gaining sponsorships and competing (he's currently getting ready for a natural bodybuilding championship competition in Indianapolis). 

This well-formed, muscular teen is certainly a talent to watch, and I'm looking forward to doing a shoot with him during his first New York City visit later this year. To get things rolling, he took time to do an exclusive interview with, and showed off a few of his excellent VIDEOS (which have already gained a sizable following on his Youtube channel) the results of his first professional photoshoot. Keep your eye on Cody; I'm sure you'll be seeing lots more of him!

At what age did you start bodybuilding, and when did you start your fitness modeling career?

I started my teen bodybuilding career at 16 years old in 2009. I just recently started in the modeling industry so I would kinda have to say like 2 months ago and currently looking for photographers and photography agencies to work with.

What made you decide to start bodybuilding?

I started Youtubeing one day and I came across [teen bodybuilder] Nick Wright's page and started looking at his videos and some of his videos from the older days, and I was blown away. I went to the mirror shirtless and was disgusted at what I saw. Two days later, my dad got me my first gym membership at LA Fitness and I fell in love with basically the smell of the gym.

And what convinced you to pursue modeling?  

Again, I was talking to Nick Wright and I don’t know, I was some pictures of Nick Wright taken by [photographer] Michael Thomas and was amazed with it, so I added Micheal on Facebook, talked to him and BAM, I was in.

And how did you get started with your Youtube video channel?
I don’t really know; I guess I wanted to show people that if you stick with something, you’ll get want you want. Also to show people out there that if you fail, get up and try again, because no one gets it right the first time.

What kind of response have you gotten?

Surprisingly, when I posted my first few videos I thought I was gonna get hated on like all get out, but I have only had ONE dislike on all my videos, total! Im still in shock! And almost everyone around me and everyone on YouTube has been great support for me to continue on with the videos.

What do you think is your best body part in terms of progress you've made?
If I only had to choose one, I would probably have to say my arms or back. My arms were about 10 ½ inches in august 2009 and now they are 14 1/3 inches. But overall I like all my progression.

What is your diet? 

Off season, anything and everything: 5,000-6,000 calories, protein and carb loads.

Completion prep (10 weeks out) per meal:
180 grams of pure protein 
40 grams of carbs
6 meals a day
Grape juice, creatine, glutine after workout
Alpha acid pills - after
Carb load
Whey protein - before
Morning: 1 table spoon of flax seed oil, 1 cup of oatmeal, ¼ cup of cream of rice

How do you stay motivated to stick with your program?

To tell you the truth Mark, I'd have to say all the haters and supporters out there. All the haters out there used to, and still do, tell me that I'll never be big; I'm too small, etc., etc. Just overall shit-talking makes me wanna just hit the weights harder and prove them wrong.

What are your professional goals?

To get my Bachelors degree in Exercise health and medicine.

What advice would you offer to other people who are thinking about starting a fitness/workout regimen?

Research, research, research! And if you start, don't be afraid of failure! It takes time and concentration to get to your goals in life. Nothing just comes to you. Stick to your dreams; live your dreams; don’t stray from your diet! Never be afraid to ask questions when unsure because if you do one wrong thing, you can get injured permanently or temporarily (if temporarily you can lose interest in your goals very fast!) and when in the gym, it's not a fashion show —you're there for you and no one else, so don’t be afraid to drop down on weight when lifting and never try to show off. That’s how people get hurt!
Other than that, don’t be afraid to ask me questions when unsure or just need some advice.

Cody's Stats

Weight: 152lbs
     Height: 5' 8"
     Body fat: 9.3%
     Chest: 39 ½’’
Arms-:14 ½’’
     Shoulders: 47 ½’’
     Thighs: 21"

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Check out modelJOCK's exclusive two-part interview with Cody's inspiration, teen bodybuilder Nick Wright: 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VIDEO: Which Male Model will Walk for Perry Ellis? Last Chance to Vote!

Marshall Showalter, from Savannah Georgia, is one of three finalists in the competition to walk the runway for Perry Ellis.
Andre Douglas of Chicago is also one of the Perry Ellis fnalists.
Caleb Halstead of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is also in line for Perry Ellis.

Which male model will walk in the Perry Ellis Fall 2011 Fashion Show? It's now down to just three male models: Andre, Caleb and Marshall. And Perry Ellis is asking the public to vote. Go to the Perry Ellis Facebook page to cast your vote (after you check out the VIDEO).

The winning model will be Webcast live on Friday, February 11, at 11am Eastern time, so get your vote in before 11:59pm EST on February 10. May the best man win!

Caleb Halstead
Marshall Showalter
Andre Douglas

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl of Male Models: Who Would You Bet On?

 Mark Sanchez may not be playing the Super Bowl, but he's among the football players who've scored biggest in the field of modeling. 

Today is the Super Bowl in the United States, and while it's clear that for many positions it's more important to be big, forceful and strategic, rather than cut, defined and creative, several U.S. football players have attracted attention for their physique and presence in front of the camera. Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers play against the Green Bay Packers. Do you have any favorites on these teams if you were betting on who'd make the best male model? 

While you ponder that, here are a few National Football League players from various teams, who've scored well with their shirts off (to see even more of the New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, visit my other blog,

Tom Brady got his T-shirt wet for this photoshoot.
Brady Quinn may not have done this during a formal shoot, but it still made it to print.
Adrian Peterson has a ripped physique that works well in fitness modeling.
Brady Quinn got wet for this shot. Are we seeing a pattern here of football players getting wet?
Brady Quinn stretching on the field.
Football gear looks stylish in black and white, when Brady Quinn wears it.
Mark Sanchez strategizes on the field.
Mark Sanchez did a multi-page photoshoto for GQ (to see more:
Troy Polamalu is known as much for his hair as his physique and playing skills.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bodybuilder and Bollywood Movie Star: Is Sahil Khan the Next Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Sahil Khan is a musclebound Bollywood heartthrob.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the first name that comes to mind when you think about bodybuilders and fitness fanatics who've made it big in the movies. But in India, one Bollywood actor has made headlines as much for his rippled muscles as he has for his acting skills. 

Sahil Khan made his acting debut in 2001. His most recent film was Ramaa: The Saviour, an adventure fantasy in which a group of kids are transported to a prehistoric island while playing a video game. The costumes are certainly reminisicent of some earlier garb warn by Arnold. Should we expect the role of governor in Sahil's future too?

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