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modelJOCK Best of 2011: The Top Male Models of the Year

It's the time of year when everyone looks back at the 12 months that have just passed and rank the best of the best. The same goes for Which male models attracted the most attention? Which got the most comments? The most views?

These are clearly some of the hottest men to grace the cover of, the virtual male model magazine, over the past year. Doing good work in fitness and staying in shape is important. So is looking good in swimwear, based on many of the top models this year. But in addition to being good looking and in great shape, what also plays a big role in male model popularity is the ability to use social media marketing to build an audience and following. In other words, if you want to become famous as a male model, you'd better get your name out there and build a strong fan base.

Without further delay, here are the top male models from modelJOCK for 2011. If you're looking for the guys who are most likely to go far in the coming months and years, look no further.

Top modelJOCK post: Muscular Vegan Fitness Star Noel Polanco Takes Times Square
With his own Youtube channel, personal blog and a very clear and very strong message (you don’t need to eat meat and don’t need to go to a gym to get in shape), the popularity of this year's post about "vegan fitness star" Noel Polanco is proof that a strong message and savvy use of social networking online can bring in the fans in a big way. 
This post  — which attracted more viewers than any other from 2011 — also attracted more comments than most models. 

Top Interview: Muscular Teen Male Model Ryan Sandefur
Maybe it's the piercing blue eyes. Maybe it's the amazing physique. Or the great photos by Mike Saunders of Peachtree Muscle Photos. But muscular teen model Ryan Sandefur attracted more people than anyone else this year when it comes to the modelJOCK interview. 

Most liked, most "favorite" and most commented modelJOCK video on Youtube: 
Nate Dean: Teen Bodybuilder, Body as Art
This muscular teen bodybuilder is a true phenomenon. Nate, in fact, takes the honor of having the top four most-viewed videos on the Mark Edward Studio/modelJOCK Youtube channel. (Don't miss Nate's other photos and video sets, Speedos in the Shower, Nate Pumps Up, and Nate Flexes and Poses.

Top modelJOCK video on Youtube (Spanish-language): Edgar: Ejercicios Para Hombres
In what is certainly a sign that there should be more Spanish-language workout information online, this video starring Edgar Castillo generated far more traffic than nearly every other video on the channel for the year. Mr. modelJOCK Panama 2011 is still wowing viewers with his participation in runway and other events and has signed with a new agency in Panama City. Also check out Edgar's work in his video/photo set, Edgar: Flexing and Exercising.

Top modelJOCK video on Youtube (English language): Gio: Football, Wrestling, Lucha Libre
This New York City-based male model scored big with the videos he did for modelJOCK, with the work featuring football, wrestling and lucha libre wrestling gear attracting the most attention. 

Most favorited single photo on Flickr: Corey Sharp
Maybe it’s the sunny poolside setting in far northern California. Maybe it’s the attractive physique and well-fitting Speedo-style swimwear. But 18-year-old male model Corey Sharp’s swimwear shot was selected as a favorite by more viewers than any other shot from 2011 on the modelJOCK Flickr site.
See more of Corey in his modelJOCK photo/video feature, Corey: Teen Track Star Becomes Male Fitness Model.

Most viewed single photo on Flickr: Nate Dean
Teen bodybuilder Nate Dean is an all-around favorite for many modelJOCK fans, thanks to his muscular build, great personality, natural good looks and ease in front of the camera. So it’s no surprise that this shower photo — in which Nate wears nothing more than a small towel — was the most viewed shot of the year on Flickr. See more of Nate in his various photo/video shoots with modelJOCK.

Most commented photo on Flickr: Luke Scherer in Speedos
A handsome model, sexy Speedo-style swimwear and ripped abs helped push this shot to the top of the rankings. Not only did this photo draw a lot of views and favorite rankings, it also attracted comments and invites from groups including “Muscle Perfection,” “AlphaMuscle,” “Dream Muscle,” “MuscleGods” and “Rock Hard Muscle." (Luke's great videos are among the most watched on the Youtube channel, by the way — this multitalented guy is a model, fitness expert, stunt model and even a rapper. See more of Luke in his modelJOCK photo/video feature, Luke: Male Model Workout as well as his rapping and stuntman videos on the modelJOCK Youtube channel.)

Because of their appearance on modelJOCK toward the end of the year, some models had less time to accrue the views and attract the attention to push them to the top. But there are a few very clear frontrunners who we should keep our eyes on, including these following two rising stars. 

Travis Dinan
There's no denying that this super-cut male fitness model from upstate New York has an amazing presence in front of the camera. He's attracted a lot of attention with his excellent photos and videos done with Mark Edward Studio and, and there are more to come. Check out his video/photo posts so far: Natural Muscle, Ripped Abs and a Winning Attitude, Travis's Male Model Tips for Abs, Chest and Biceps and Travis Shows His Flexing Bicep Workout. And stay tuned for more.

Henry Pineda
Signed with Novum Models, this Nicaraguan powerhouse with the ripped abs has stunned viewers with his presence in two video/photo sets published from my recent on-location shoot in Granada: The Men of Novum Models (in which he posed with three other male models from Novum Models) and Male Model Henry Flexes his Muscle for Novum Models. Stay tuned for the Speedos/swimming pool shoot.

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