Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Men of modelJOCK: 2012 Body Natural Calendar, Ready to Order!

It's time to place your order for the 2012 "Men of modelJOCK: Body Natural" calendar.

Anyone looking for a truly unique way to mark the year — or perhaps the perfect idea for an especially sexy holiday gift — should consider the 2012 "Men of modelJOCK: Body Natural" calendar, which is now available for immediate shipment. 

In this very special male model calendar, you'll find 12 large, gorgeous photos of some of the top models to appear in — but in artistic nude shots that you won't find anywhere else. Tasteful, creative and sexy, these large, full-color images will provide year-round visual decoration for your home. 

You can choose from two different versions of this exciting new calendar (click on the links to see more sample images from all 12 months:
The Men of modelJOCK: Body Natural STANDARD SIZE calendar (each page measures 11" x 8.5")
The Men of modelJOCK: Body Natural OVERSIZED calendar (each page measures 17" x 11")

This sexy and stylish male model calendar showcases some of the most beautiful male bodies photographed by Mark Edward Studio for, with artistic nude images you won't find anywhere else. Don't miss your chance to capture some of this authentic beauty!

You can also check out a variety of male model holiday gift items — including the official modelJOCK T-shirt that you've seen various models wear in the videos, plus coffee mugs, framed artwork and greeting cards, all by visiting the Mark Edward Studio / modelJOCK store.

 Get your holiday shopping done NOW.

Watch the action. 
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