Friday, November 11, 2011

VIDEO: The Muscular Men of Novum Models, On Location in Granada


I just got back from an amazingly productive trip to Granada, a beautiful historic city in Nicaragua, where I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with four talented male models. 

The first result of the shoot is this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, which introduces the models as they pose and flex on the streets of this Central American tourism hotspot. These four men — Hansell García, Henry Piñeda, Mynor Espinoza and Roberto Morales — are all signed with Novum Models, a rapidly growing agency that handles clients throughout the nation. 

Witnessing the unique talents of each of these male models was a real pleasure for me. Each of these men has a very different look, which speaks to the diverse beauty of the Nicaraguan people as a whole. Stay tuned for even more photos and videos of these models, including a fun underwater shoot.

 See more action!

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