Wednesday, November 2, 2011

VIDEO: Apolo Ohno, Blake Griffin, Jose Reyes pose for ESPN Magazine's "The Body" Issue

As it does every year, the 2011 edition of ESPN Magazine's "The Body Issue" has attracted attention for its artistic depiction of male and female athletes posing nude. In these behind-the-scenes VIDEOS produced by ESPN, NBA forward Blake Griffin and Olympic gold medal-winning skater Apolo Ohno talk about their shoots and give a glimpse at the creativity in action. Also featured inside this issue are Hope Solo, Jose Reyes and Gretchen Bleiler. In a recent article, Olympic gold medalist Natasha Hastings explains the thinking process that went behind her decision to be featured as well (and her shot is here below). "Don't let society tell you what is beautiful," she writes. "You create your beauty. God made you the way you are for a reason so embrace it!"

Congrats to the athletes and photographers for their excellent work in showing the ultimate benefits of sports and fitness: a beautiful body.

Olympic Gold medalist Natasha Hastings, posing for ESPN Magazines "The Body Issue."
NBA star Blake Griffin poses for ESPN Magazine's "The Body Issue."
Skating champ Apolo Ohno also appears in this year's ESPN "The Body Issue."
Pro snowboarder Louie Vito jumps for ESPN's "The Body Issue."
New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes goes artistic with ESPN.

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