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INTERVIEW: Pro Wrestler and Male Model John Quinlan, on Fame, Muscle and Whether Wrestlers are Sex Symbols

John Joseph Quinlan is a man of accomplishment. A bodybuilder, professional wrestler, male fitness model and art model, he has appeared in a variety of media, including magazines and television. His muscular physique and strong presence are well known to anyone in the fields of wrestling, bodybuilding and male fitness modeling.

I had the honor of doing an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with this famed male model, and got the inside scoop on what's helped him stay in shape and stay on top for so many years.

John's Stats
AGE: 36

HEIGHT: 5'11

WEIGHT: 210 lbs.

SHOE: 10


CHEST: 48"
LEGS: 28" 

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Boston, Massachusetts

WHERE ARE YOU FROM ORIGINALLY? Winchester, Massachusetts

At what age did you start your fitness/workout program, and why did you start?
I started working out in February of 1988 at age 13 to get stronger for sports.

What do you feel is your best physical attribute? Any body parts you focus on the most in terms of improvement?
In the fitness world, people have said my best physical attribute has been my biceps. They were the first thing to really develop before anything else. I remember kids calling me "Popeye" back then because when I was 16 the only muscle group that really was advanced was my bicep size. So I was kind of the reverse of Popeye back then, big biceps with little forearms, with Mr. Spinach having huge forearms and little biceps; funny when I look back on it.
In the modeling world, many have said I have one of the best jaw lines they have ever seen. I am truly humbled by anybody taking time out of their busy schedule to give me some kind words. I thank each and every one of you for that, and you all know who you are!

What is your workout/exercise routine like?
It really depends what I am training for; if I an training for a contest or show or just taking some time off. I switch my routines up quite a bit so everything is always fresh. When training I might do a standard workout routine for one week, such as chest/triceps on day 1, back/biceps on day 2, Legs on day 3, day 4 might be some fine tuning with training my neck, abs and calves.
I have performed general circuit training as well, very similar to a boxer, where I will work all the body parts light to moderate during the entire workout and throw in some solid cardio after for added calorie burning. That is the basis of my training, I just adjust the amount of cardio, rep range and weight level depending on what I am going for. Getting ready for a contest or show, my cardio is increased as I get closer and closer to my target date with my rep range moderate to high with a moderate weight range. I always try to keep my form as good as I can to prevent injuries and isolate each muscle group.  

How about your diet — what do you eat and what do you avoid?
My diet is good year round. The foundation of my diet ALWAYS stays the same. The only difference from when I am "off" and when I am training for a contest or show is the things I add or cut out.
My diet on average (not training for a contest or show) consists mainly of oatmeal, potatoes. rice, wheat bread and pasta for my complex carbs. My protein comes from chicken, fish, steak and all natural whey protein powder. I eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables (mostly spinach) and consume plenty of water.
When I am "off" I will add in things like low fat ice cream and yogurt not to mention cheat foods like pizza, french fries and cake when I feel I have earned it.
When training begins for a contest or show the foundation of my diet stays the same; I just eliminate certain things for the total duration of the diet. Generally, I no longer consume any dairy products, pasta or bread. I will cycle my carbs down as I get closer to show time and increase my water intake to a gallon and a half per day. I cut out steak as well for the most part but I will consume it only if I feel my body needs it. During this time I eat plenty of green vegetables, chicken, fish and all natural whey protein to keep the muscles nourished during this time when my diet is very strict.

How and when did you start modeling? 
I have modeled for years. It began in the gyms in the 90's when photographers and artists would come in looking for guys to use for photographs and projects. These photographers liked me and used me and I enjoyed it since I was training anyway so I looked at it as an added bonus that also motivated me to go further.
I am still enjoying the model world today, over a decade later. 

What has been your proudest or most exciting moment so far in terms of modeling?
Man, so many proud and exciting moments in terms of my modeling that I really couldn't say just one. I guess if I had to mention one proud moment off the top of my head here, I should mention something more recent. I was named male fashion model of the month for January 2011 by HUF Magazine. With all the talented and amazing male models in the world today, HUF chose me as one of their male fashion models of the month. I was truly honored!     

How and when did you get involved with wrestling? 
I got involved in professional wrestling back in 1999. For a year or so prior to that so many people kept telling me I had a strong resemblance to another wrestler named Buff Bagwell. My image has changed over the years as I now sport a clean shave and buzz cut but back then with hair and a goatee I can see now what all those people were talking about. I didn't live far from Killer Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School so finally, after so many encouraged me to check it out, I did. I was privileged to become great friends with the pro wrestling legend himself, Walter "Killer" Kowalski.
Now that Walter has passed away, I am so proud to have had the honor of being his friend.

How does the field of wrestling compare to modeling?
I can compare professional wrestling and modeling in the sense that one has to look their best in both. To be truly successful in both the world of wrestling and modeling, one has to have a great stage presence and the total package, as they say. Many have great attributes but not all have the total package to be truly elite in either field. I am honored just to be part of it since it is so challenging and so demanding.     

Models sometimes become "sex symbols" as they gain attention and fame. Do you think that wrestlers also have a certain "sex appeal" that attracts viewers, or is it purely the sport itself?
Professional wrestlers most definitely have "sex appeal." I really feel professional wrestlers DO NOT get the credit they so very much deserve. The majority of today's professional wrestlers keep themselves in great physical condition, some with physiques like those of the ancient Greek Gods that were carved of stone. They are the most self-confident showmen on Earth and nothing has more "sex appeal" than self-confidence. They never have an off season to take a break like other sports performers; a professional wrestler has to be in tip-top physical condition year round, and that is almost impossible to comprehend. So with all of this being said, "sex appeal" in professional wrestling most definitely attracts viewers just like "sex appeal" is the staple for viewers in the modeling world.

What is the best way for people to follow your work?
Here are a few more links and galleries to read more about me:
• Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1627814
• Official Web Site Run by Jason Patric Santos: http://www.johnquinlan.org/
• Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Quinlan/109918015779005
• Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Quinlan_(wrestler)
• Photo Gallery by Amybeth Inverness: http://amybethinverness.com/2011/07/28/john-quinlan-photo-gallery/

I would like to personally thank Mark of Mark Edward Studio in New York for interviewing me, it was my pleasure!

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  1. Great interview! Always great to get to know more about you John :) I wish you continued success in all areas of your life!

  2. Nice buddy!!!! Congrats on good work and recognition!!!!

  3. Great interview! What a nice guy :) Amazing physique too. Looks like he was carved from stone ;)


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