Sunday, September 11, 2011

Male Model Criminals: A Rogue's Gallery

Last week, two male models were caught smoking marijuana behind a tent during Fashion Week in New York City. But these two rogues are far from the only male models to run against the law. Here are a few of the most recent male models to make headlines for the wrong reasons.

Former teen male underwear model Joshua Walter, who signed with Hugo Boss and had an affair with a 38-year-old female teacher when he was 17, was arrested in 2009 for a crime spree that included robbing 15 gas stations. 

Earlier this year, male model Renato Seabra was charged with murder after his confession in the castration slaying of his companion Carlos Castro in New York. 

Around of the time of last year's Fashion Week in New York City, Prada male model Nick Snider faced criminal charges after allegedly offering sexual favors to Arkansas cops in return for his release following an arrest for public drunkenness. 

In the United Kingdom, a boy of 17 who claimed to have turned his back on a life of crime to pursue a career as a top fashion model was arrested in 2010 following a shooting. Korrel Kennedy was one of three people held after a 20-year-old woman suffered a small arm injury after being shot with what is thought to be an air rifle, sources said. 

In 2009, federal investigators said that former male model Edis Kayalar was allegedly blackmailing model Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber by threatening to release a photo taken by their nanny. 

In July 2011, model Stephanie Seymour called the police after a row with her own son, 18-year-old Peter Brand, Jr.

He once sold cosmetics at Saks Fifth AVenue and, more recently, had dreams of becoming a male fashion model. But 26-year-old Ahmed Ferhani was this year charged with planning to blow up synagogues and the Empire State Building. 

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