Tuesday, September 27, 2011

INTERVIEW: Male Model Dickson Ramirez Brings Dominican Style to European Runways

With his attention-getting hairstyle and muscular physique, it's no surprise that male model Dickson Ramírez has attracted plenty of attention on the runways of Madrid and London, the two cities where he is based.

In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Dickson — who was born in the Dominican Republic — shares his experience as a model, as well as some great shots from his portfolio.

Dickson's Stats:
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Waist: 32"
Shoes: 8 (USA) 42 (Europe)

How did you start modeling?
I began in the world of fashion and television in Madrid when I was 20 years old; I participated in a television series called Cámara Café, and later I participated in an event organized by the Krea modeling agency. Later, I moved to London and there I continued working in the modeling industry. 

You're from the Dominican Republic originally. How did you end up in Europe?
I moved to Madrid when I was 12 years old with my siblings and mother, since she had already been living in Madrid for a long time. Since then, I've been living between Madrid and London. It's worked very well for me in Spain, since I've been able to get a good education and a better standard of living. 

How is the European modeling scene different from the Caribbean?
I haven't yet had the pleasure of being able to model in the Caribbean, but it's something I'd really like to do, to be able to model in the land where I was born. I think that I'll be able to do that soon, because I'm getting ready to spend a season in the Dominican Republic.

What are your proudest or most exciting moments so far?
Every time you do a fashion show, it's very exciting, since it's something that you like to do and it's a very satisfying experience. But without a doubt one of my most exciting experiences was participating in a runway show organized by Pants to Poverty, an organization that raises funds to help poor people. The show was very exciting.

You have a really cool, unique look. How would you describe it?
I would say that my style is a mix of classic, conservative and also modern and crazy. I like classic styles, and I can also be a modern and daring model. I love doing runway shows and I also enjoy photography and styling. 

How do you stay in shape?
To stay in shape, I like to go to the gym and when I can I also do sports like swimming, running, tennis and bicycling. I also try to eat healthy, but I don't force myself into a diet, although I think that healthy eating is important.

What's the best way for us to follow your work?
For now, I only share my work on Facebook, and soon on my official Facebook page, which will have the same name. Thanks very much for the interview; I've enjoyed sharing my experiences in life and as a model. 

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