Friday, August 26, 2011

INTERVIEW: What's Behind Christopher Downey's Bulging Muscles

Some muscular male fitness experts keep their workout secrets to themselves. But not Christopher Downey. Through his blog, this Chicago-based male fitness expert is helping others who are looking to get in shape and build bulging muscles that are sure to get attention. In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with, Christopher shares some of his advice — as well as plenty photos of his impressive muscular form. 

Christopher’s Stats
FULL NAME:Christopher J Downey (Joey D)
AGE: 32
WEIGHT: 220lbs
SHOE: 12
CHEST: 48"
LEGS: 28"

At what age did you start your fitness/workout program, and why did you start?
I began working out at 16. I was 140 lbs growing up and wasn't into sports. My cousin was a football player but also a bit into bodybuilding, so he got me started in the gym and I never looked back.

What do you feel is your best physical attribute? Any body parts you focus on the most in terms of improvement?

I get a lot of compliments on my traps, chest, and ass. I am most proud of my legs. They are the most difficult for me to grow and I believe they can never be big enough. I focus mostly on my legs/calves and abs for improvement. Everything else follows from strong muscular legs, so, I work them the most and everything else follows.

What is your workout/exercise routine like?

May - August I work out seven days a week and two times a day Monday-Friday. This is a very advanced routine, and I wouldn't recommend it to most people. The most important thing to remember if you do this is that if you need to take a day off, take it off. From September - April I hit the gym five to six days a week and hit each body part once a week, except legs, I'll do twice. All my workouts are posted on my blog,

How about your diet — what do you eat and what do you avoid?

I used to be able to eat anything, but once I hit 30 I started watching my diet more. I stick to steak and chicken, veggies, sweet potatoes, whole wheat or oats, and egg whites. I have one cheat day a week (usually Sunday) where I'll eat whatever I want. I never drink soda and always cook my own food. If it comes out of a box or the freezer it's not as healthy as if you cook it fresh.

How and when did you start your fitness blog?

I started my fitness blog July 2007. I had received a ton of questions in the gym about my routine and diet, so I decided it was time to write it all down and publish it. So my goals with the blog are to inform people about my methods of training and hopefully inspire them to reach their goals. The response has been HUGE. Not a day goes by that I don't get another reader or an email just to tell me that someone is using what I am putting out there to reach their fitness goals. I LOVE the feedback and welcome it. I also, personally respond to everyone that contacts me with questions or comments, so keep them coming!

Besides working out, do you play any sports?

I play no sports. In the summer, I will bike and swim quite a bit, but I don't do any sports other than that.

What kind of work do you do when you're not working out? What are your long-term  goals?

I have a real estate license and my BA in Architecture / Interior Design. With that I had been working as a developer for many years, but, this last January, I decided it was time for a change. I am going back to school this fall to start working on my PsyD. I am going to concentrate on Child / Adolescent Psych with a Master's in Health and Fitness. I want to help kids with their depression, bullying, identity crisis and to ultimately stay healthy both mentally and physically. My long-term goals in working out are to just keep growing and perfecting my physique. I will continue to take clients and help them achieve their goals as well.

What is the best way for people to follow your work and progress?
Definitely the best way is to check out my blog — I encourage everyone to join the blog publicly so they can get all the latest updates. From the blog you can reach my YouTube page and get in touch with me directly.

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