Tuesday, August 30, 2011

INTERVIEW: Muscular Teen Male Model Ryan Sandefur Shows his Strengths

Among the first things you notice about 19-year-old male model Ryan Sandefur are his piercing blue eyes. His muscular, 6’1” body is of course another advantage this rising male model has. His age may place him in the category of teen male model, but his strong presence certainly sets him in a group that transcends classifications. In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Ryan recounts how working out helped him gain respect, and how he stays in shape. 

Ryan’s Stats 

AGE:  19

HEIGHT: 6'1” 

WEIGHT: 180lbs

SHOE: 11”

WAIST: 32”
EYES: blue
HAIR: brown
NECK: 16”
CHEST: 40”

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Yatesville, Georgia

WHERE ARE YOU FROM ORIGINALLY? Born in Beaufort, South Carolina

At what age did you start your fitness/workout program, and why did you start? 
I started when I was 16. back then I was picked on a lot because I didn't really fit in. But once I started working out it seemed that I began getting a lot of respect and people treated me very differently.

What do you feel is your best physical attribute? Any body parts you focus on the most in terms of improvement?
I would say my best physical attribute is my biceps; they are pretty big and respond immediately and remain pumped up longest during my workout. I focus on my abs the most for improvement. No matter how good they get, you can always improve on them.

What is your workout/exercise routine like? 
My routine is a split type workout, where I group together chest and biceps, then back with shoulders. I also group triceps with legs and then I finish the week off with a slightly relaxed workout of forearms, traps and calves.

How about your diet — what do you eat and what do you avoid?
For a healthy diet I believe the biggest thing to remember is that protein is not an enemy, unless you intake more than two times your body weight in grams. So I try to get as much protein as possible throughout the day by eating lots of chicken, fish, and dairy products. I also take my multivitamins and drink lots of water to keep my body hydrated, which is also great for the skin. In addition, adequate rest is essential so my muscles can build and repair themselves.

How and when did you start modeling? What has been your proudest or most exciting moment so far in terms of modeling?
About two months ago people started telling me that I had a nice body and face for modeling. I didn't take them seriously because it seemed far fetched. But after actually trying and training hard it became a realistic possibility. So recently I had my first photo shoot with Peachtree Muscle Photography who I feel did a fine job displaying my potential for modeling. Although I am proud having worked with Peachtree Muscle Photography to begin my modeling career, this feature opportunity with modelJOCK is my proudest modeling experience so far. I never expected to receive this kind of attention.

Besides working out, do you play any sports?
Sports, well I ran track in middle and high school. When in ROTC I was on the athletic team and was captain of the Orienteering team. Orienteering is a navigation based sport which requires use of a compass, while running great distances to reach certain points.

What other kinds of work do you do? What are your long-term professional goals, both as a model and aside from that?
Well, presently my day job is a night job. I work part time as local grocery store night stocker. My professional goals are to one day act in movies or in theater, to one day appear on billboards, magazine covers and more web features. Also, aside from modeling, once my beauty is gone, I may later decide to pursue a career in Criminal Justice.

What is the best way for people to follow your work and progress?
I again thank modelJOCK for this feature opportunity. I hope my words will in some way inspire others to enter the industry and believe in their potential for greater things in life. This exposure is awesome and I am genuinely grateful.
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Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2317943
ModXchange: http://www.modxchange.com/Ryan/

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