Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trent, Jockstrap Central Model Wows Fans with New Gallery Photos

modelJOCK advertiser Jockstrap Central found male model Trent working the runway of a fashion show and were blown away with how hamdsome he was. They caught up with him afterward to give him their business card and to ask him to model. 

Although he admitted to not having a lot of experience, you'd never guess it based on the results of the shoot. Usually Jockstrap Central has a hard time coming up with 30 gallery worthy shots from a photoshoot, but with Trent's they had to whittle the gallery down from over 100 stunning shots to 45 — their largest gallery so far.

Trent is currently working in a local Toronto bar, where he recently competed in their yearly hot guy contest and — no surprise — won the title. 

Trent's extended photoset consists of a few of the product shots from Jockstrap Central's website. And don't forget, if you like the jockstraps, he's wearing Freedom Reigns and DT which you can get over at Jockstrap Central.

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