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INTERVIEW/VIDEO: Teen Bodybuilder Anthony Cavanagh Shows British Muscle


I first saw teen bodybuilder Anthony Cavanagh on his Youtube channel and was very impressed. This muscular 19-year-old shows a clear dedication to building his body into the best that it can be. In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with modelJOCK, Anthony shares his strategies for success, as well as some of his VIDEOS, as well as early and recent photographs showing his remarkable progress.

Age: 19
Height: 5"9
Weight: 154 lbs./70kg
Shoe: UK 10
Waist: 30"
Arms: 15.1"
Chest: 42.5"
Shoulders: 49.4"
Location: London, England

At what age did you start working out, and why did you start?
I began training at 19 on 1st October 2010. The reason I started bodybuilding came down to the fact I was extremely underweight at 55kg; although toned I was very small and always look upon differently as a fitness instructor. Looking around me, I realized I needed to add some mass if I was going to be a successful personal trainer, so I started lifting weights and dieting very strictly.
Within a week I found myself really enjoying it and slowly I began wanting that huge muscular physique you see in the magazines. Before training, I was sickened by those bodies until I began doing it myself and really enjoyed the stress you put on your body and the feel of accomplishing those reps.

What do you feel is your best physical attribute? Any body parts you focus on the most in terms of improvement?
Easy — has to be my back. I've seen most size and strength improvements there and really enjoy training it on the basis that no matter how hard it is to lift, going to failure can be managed without a spotter. I wouldn't say I focus more on it; my main focus is my chest — I know it's the muscle everyone wants, so I make sure my programs and lifestyle give it as much rest as it can possibly get between training days.

What is your workout/exercise routine?
I find myself switching programs regularly to find the best for me to stick with and have found this one to work the best for me, giving the best recovery, strength gains and has allowed for maximum growth:
Monday - Chest/Biceps
Tuesday - Legs/traps/abs
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday - Shoulders/Triceps
Friday - Back/Trapz
Saturday - Cardio
Sunday - Rest 

This allows 3 days away from weights and one day for complete rest. I stick to basics, always usually 3-4 sets and always work within the 8-12 rep range. For toning I sometimes hit a 15-20 rep range with short rest times.

How about your diet — what do you eat and what do you avoid?
I eat what people would call 'clean' foods with no sugars or bad fats in them. I've worked very hard on preparing a diet plan that ensures I can manage the amounts of food I need and that I can match my daily requirements. I never "cheat," ever. To begin with, I did cheat every 4 weeks which I did only twice and realized that when it made me feel bad it probably wasn't worth it, so I pushed through all cravings and now I suffer zero cravings and although the same foods do become boring day in day out, I see it like this: Without it I won't grow! and with that in mind, I can eat without any problems and begin enjoyably each meal time.

How did you decide to start your Youtube channel? What has the response been like?
I actually began it just to post videos of well-known bodybuilders for my friends around the world to view, however friends on my Bodyspace at Bodybuilding.com had asked for some videos, so I made some and posted them up. The response has been great, everyone is really supportive and never just tell me the videos are good or bad; they explain why they are what they are and really inspire me to continue.

Earlier times: Anthonoy Cavanagh, back in 2009.

Besides working out, do you play any sports?
I was a very keen long- and short-distance runner before weight training, however now I have made it my life and it is now all I live for, although I was still playing snooker while training but once the muscle pains settled in I found it too difficult to continue and had to give the sport up.

Are you a student or do you work? What are your long-term professional goals, both as a bodybuilder and aside from that?
I was working as a fitness instructor and am now hoping to take my personal trainers course as I am unemployed at the moment I have free time on my hands to get my life sorted. In the long run, I never want to leave personal training for the simple reason that I enjoy training people and helping them transforming themselves, I have so much time for people that take time out of their days to come for a workout and even if I'm training I will gladly assist anyone.
Yes, I would like to take this bodybuilding to the next level and go pro, but I allow myself to believe I won't become pro because I want to keep my options open. I will never give the sport up and will always push to become the best but I will never let it go to my head. My clients come first and always will.

What is the best way for people to follow your work and progress?
There are several ways: my Youtube channel (Gr8BodybuildersFilms), or my two main sites Anthonyc11 on Bodyspace (Bodybuilding.com) or my Facebook - Anthony Cavanagh. These two are updated regularly as I try to get pictures/videos up on a daily basis, If not then I will always be posting about my progress and day — although watch out for the random status, haha.

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