Saturday, July 30, 2011

INTERVIEW & VIDEOS: Youtube Teen Hearthrob Ben Lins Shows Talent as Actor and Model

Teen sensation: Ben Lins has attracted a large following with his music videos.


Most people who start their own Youtube channel don't get the kind of following that Ben Lins has. But this muscular teenager has attracted thousands of followers, thanks to his clever videos, during which he lip synchs to a wide variety of pop hits, often while showing off his well-developed physique, sense of humor and acting ability. 

In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, this 18-year-old talent shares his thoughts — as well as some of his most popular VIDEOS — with modelJOCK. Whether he's crooning on the beach to the Backstreet Boys or dancing in Speedos with his high school swim team to Shania Twain, he sure knows how to captivate. 

Ben's Stats
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Waist: 30"
Shoe: 10
Chest: 40"
Location: Racine, Wisconsin

You have an impressive number of followers on Youtube. How and when did you start your Youtube channel, and what is your goal with it?
I started making music videos about five years ago, and started my Youtube channel with my brother about three years ago. My videos never really got big on Youtube until my biggest hit, "I Want It That Way" came out about two years ago. My goal is to have fun with the videos I'm doing now and create a fan base that maybe (overall goal) I can be found by a modeling company or acting/film thing and having them want me to audition or something.

Why do you think you've attracted so many followers?
Mostly because of the gay community and with the girl singers "Megan and Liz," whom I did a couple videos for/with.

How and when did you first get involved with fitness?
My parents put me in gymnastics when I was about three years old, and I never got out of it, I loved it too much. So I stayed in the sport when I was three, then I started competing in gymnastics when I was seven, and continued competing for 10 years afterwards. 

What is your workout and diet routine? Do you play any other sports?
My routine is extremely loose at the moment. I go to the gym (gymnastics center) and do gymnastics as my main workout, and sometimes just do some little stuff in my room. Nothing too intense. I dive and I love playing soccer.

What do you think are your best body parts? Any physical aspects that you'd like to work on more?
The best would probably be abs and arms; I would want to still get my abs and arms bigger though.

Your music videos are great. Who do you do the videos with -- and have you ever thought of pushing forward with a music or acting career?
Most of my friends are all like, "feature me in one of your videos" and I say, "of course" but they never go through with it. I do it with family and some friends. And I would love to pursue acting as a career.

Do you have another job/career as well?
I am going to Purdue University this fall to study chemical engineering, and am currently working at a laboratory as a lab assistant, but acting and being in front of a camera is my true love.

What are the best ways for people to follow your work?
I have Twitter — "Linsbrothers" — and a Facebook page — "Linsbrothers" — and also I have someone working on a Website for me "" and I also have an amazon wishlist if one of my fans want to buy me something haha ""

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