Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are you Ready to Be Famous? Part 3: How to Deal with Fans — Good and Bad


Stepping into the world of male modeling is a big move. And logically, if you're going to have success as a male model or a professional bodybuilder, you're going to need fans. Lots of them. So how do you deal with the sudden onslaught of people you don't know who make comments and want to add you as their "friend"? 

In Part 1 of this series, I suggested Three Questions to Ask Yourself, to determine if you're ready to be famous. Part 2 offered tips on How to Protect Your Privacy as a Male Model. Now, here are three ways to deal with fans — the good, bad and crazy.

1. Accept followers and comments as a compliment. If you want to be a model or famous bodybuilder, you need fans and followers. Don't enter the world of male modeling if you don't like the idea of having fans.

2. Thank your fans. If you have a presence on Facebook, Youtube or other pages that belong to you, when you get comments or friend requests, when you have time, graciously thank people for following you, and direct them to any other sites you want to promote — your Twitter, Website, Youtube channel, blog, etc.

3. Know how to handle flakes. When you get rude or inappropriate comments, there are three ways to handle it: 1. Tell the person off (which runs the risk of starting a back-and-forth conversation with them, and they usually aren’t worth it) 2. Blocking them 3. Ignoring them. Obviously, if comments are threatening or indicate criminal activity, you should report it to the authorities.

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