Saturday, June 11, 2011

Male and Female Nudity, Center Stage in the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Campaign

The human body is a natural creation, but often it's considered too explicit to be viewed. That's not the case with Tom Ford, whose current print campaign for Neroli Portofino bath and beauty products includes nude male and female models Max Motta, who hails from Brazil, and Denisa Dvorakova, who is from the Czech Republic. 

Tom Ford is a leading fashion designer best known for his work in luxury clothing, accessories, fragrance and cosmetics. But with this attention-getting new ad campaign, he is attracting lots of new attention. 

The new product line includes a unisex fragrance, moisturizer, shower gel, body oil, bath scrub and bath soap. It's refreshing to see a cheerful, unapologetic and fun use of the human form. 

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