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INTERVIEW: Stuart Reardon, British Rugby Star Becomes Male Model

Stuart Reardon may be best known as a professional rugby player, but this English celebrity is likely to be known increasingly for his looks, thanks to his new modeling career. In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with, Stuart — who plays for the Crusaders — shares his goals in the world of male modeling. This powerful, muscular force on the rugby field is sure to have an equally impressive impact as a model.

Stuart's Stats:
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 90 kg
Waist: 32"
Shoe: 10
Location: Warrington, England

At what age did you first start playing rugby and what other sports do you play?
I first started playing rugby at the age of 10. I also enjoy MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, a lot of martial arts sports, swimming, running. I regularly go to the gym. I have always been keen on sport, as I have always been an active person and love taking part and getting involved in all kinds of sports.

I read in The Sun that you spent four and a half weeks at a Thai boxing and MMA camp in Phuket. How did it go and how has it helped you?
I went to Thailand to a training camp in September of last year for four weeks called Tiger Muay Thai. It was a massive camp in Phucket which had a large number of classes — Muay Thai, MMA, yoga, body fit, running programs, weights, gym, western boxing. You can have your pick of which classes you want to do and private lessons. We trained for the majority of the day, just breaks for food and showers. It was a great experience the climate was very warm and it got me in very good shape. Anyone who is into active holidays then I would definitley recommend it. It helped me get really fit after coming back from a double achilles operation which had me sidelined for 18 months.

What does your exercise and workout routine consist of? Is your exercise and fitness strategy similar to other rugby players?
My workout routine is similar to most rugby players. We train all week, which is set by the club. Most players do extras, dependent on what you need to work on — gym, skills, speed, fitness, strength, whatever the player needs. Rugby is a very fast, high-impact sport, so you have to be very fit to play.

How did you first get interested in modeling, and is it something that you’d like to devote yourself to on a full-time basis?
I first got approached when I was younger to do modelling, but I wanted to really focus on rugby as that was my main passion and dream. As the years have gone by though, I have been involved in many calendar shoots with the clubs and other modelling projects for friends. Rugby is still my main focus, but as I have quite a bit of spare time and I enjoy modeling I wanted to give it ago and see how far it takes me.

What kind of modeling most attracts your attention — where would you like to see yourself as a model in five years?
Fitness modeling, commercial, underwear, fashion are all the types that I would like to do. I don't really know where I see myself in five years time in modeling as I am just starting out.

You already have a public persona and presence, thanks to playing rugby. Do you think this will be a big advantage as you move forward as a model too? 
I don't know really if it is an advantage or not but only time will tell. Hopefully I will be judged on the photos.

Would you have interest in moving into acting as well?
Acting isn;t something I have thought about but never say never...who knows.

I also read in The Sun that you posed nude back in 2003. How did that happen, how did people react and how was the experience?
Yes, the nude calendar was the first professional modeling I took part in. It was a free shoot for a testimonial calendar for one of the players on the team. It went down pretty well — all the lads found it quite funny.

What basic tips would you offer your fans about how to stay in shape?
Tips to stay in shape would be to have a healthy diet and an active life. There are lots of sports and activities out there to keep fit — you just need to find one that suits you and your lifestyle.

What is the best way for your fans to follow your work, both as an athlete and as a model?
The best way to follow me would be on Twitter — @stureardon — or my Facebook — Stuart Reardon — or Crusaders RLFC. I am currently with Impact models as well and on Model Mayhem.

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