Friday, June 10, 2011

INTERVIEW: David Davila, Muscular Model and Hunky Jock, Shares His Fitness Secrets

David Davila's portfolio exhibits an ideal combination of fitness, sexiness and athleticism. His excellent proportions and presence in front of the camera make him a natural. So I was pleased when this muscular Chicago-based male model agreed to do an exclusive interview with Here he shares his thoughts about modeling, and his secrets to looking good. 

David's stats:
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Waist: 30"
Shoe: 8 - 8.5

Are you from Chicago originally? How would you describe the modeling scene there?  
I was born and raised in Chicago. Since I have only been in the scene a little bit of time, I am not too sure what the scene is like. So far, the photographers I have met have been very helpful. I have received a lot of encouragement which has made me excited and inspired to continue on with this endeavor.

How and when did you first get involved with modeling?   
I connected with a friend who is an artist and loved taking pictures. I asked him to take some photos for me and it was great. Everyone who saw those first few photos continued to encourage me to try and model. Eventually, I joined Model Mayhem, and the rest is history.

When did you first start working out, and what is your workout and diet routine like? Do you play any other sports?   
I have been an athlete since I was a kid. I played baseball at the age of five, and then switched over to wrestling when I reached high school. I did that through college. While at UWSP [University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point], a friend of mine and I decided we should hit the gym together. We developed our own program. It is a six-day program.  I do chest and back excercises two days, biceps and triceps two days, and finally legs excercises two days a week. I am not on a diet, but I do have to make sure I eat enough and consume lots of protein to keep my energy level where I need it. Nowadays I do not play any sports, but I do take pride in my weightlifting. I suppose that is going to be my sport for now.

What do you think are your best body parts? Any physical aspects that you'd like to change or work on more?  
My best parts have to be my arms, and abs. They were easy to develop and I am happy with them. I would like to work more on my chest and calves. They are the only parts I have the most trouble with. 

What has been the proudest or most exciting moment so far in your modeling career? 
The proudest moment would have to be when I received that first offer to be in a magazine. I was going to model underwear and swimwear for Reese Photography. I have to say I was pretty geeked to see the cover of that magazine with my face on it. I could not imagine that it would happen this soon or that I would impress anyone enough to be put on a cover. 

Do you have another career as well? 
I do have another job, working with State Farm Insurance. I am currently serving as a sales representative.

What do you look for in a photographer, and what styles of photography and modeling do you like the best?  
I look for photographers who are looking to capture the male physique and/or men in underwear. I love modeling underwear. I feel sexy when I am just in underwear and I think it shows.

What is the best way for people to follow your work?  
I do have a page on, but I also have a Facebook page that I like to update for possible fans.

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