Friday, May 13, 2011

Wannabe Terrorist was a Wannabe Male Model

NOT MODEL MATERIAL: Ahmed Ferhani, left, had dreams of being a male model. But he also wanted to be a terrorist. Here he is after being arrested with his twenty-year-old cohort. Photo: John Marshall Mantel for the New York Times.

He once sold cosmetics at Saks Fifth Avenue and, more recently, had dreams of becoming a male fashion model. But 26-year-old Ahmed Ferhani, a New York City resident who was leaning too far toward Muslim extremism, also wanted to blow up synagogues and the Empire State Building. 

The charges were announced at a City Hall news conference this week in New York following his arrest and the arrest of his cohort, 20-year-old Mohamed Mandouh. Below are a couple of his so-called modeling shots, from his profile pages on and It is a bit bizarre that he didn't have the capability to post more than two photos (and they aren't even professional shots, at that). On his profile page on, he didn't even post a single photo, although he did describe himself as 27 years old, 5'9" and "Athletic." But perhaps it is for the best that he wasn't good with the follow-through, and that he has been caught and his violent plans exposed.

Ahmed Ferhani posted this non-professional photo for his male model profile on

This is the only photo of Ahmed Ferhani on his profile on male model site

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