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INTERVIEW: Pedro Fernandes Brings Brazilian Male Model Style to South Florida

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, male fitness model Pedro Fernandes has a striking look and muscular physique that naturally draws attention when he poses. In this exclusive interview, he shares with modelJOCK some of his best experiences as a model, and also discusses the difference between modeling in Miami, New York and Brazil. 

Pedro's stats:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Chest: 40" 
Waist: 32"
Shoe: 12

How long have you been in the United States, and how do you like living in South Florida?
I have been here for two years or more. I enjoy living here because of the weather, it is better than in Sao Paulo for sure. When I moved to Miami, at first things were difficult, like learning where everything is. But there is the beach, clubs, restaurants, shopping, etc. I really like what's happening here.

How and when did you first get interested in modeling? Did you do it in Brazil too? 
In Brazil, my first official modeling experience, after being scouted, was in an agency test photo shoot. However, they were asking an expensive fee to build a modeling book. I had no money, so I didn't pursue it. I never really modeled there before coming to the United States.

Do you do other kinds of work too?
Yes, I do other kinds of work. I just graduated with my Masters Degree in International Business. I am working for a marketing firm here in Miami, in an area closely related to modeling and entertainment promotions.

You have an amazing portfolio. What have been your proudest or most exciting moments so far in the field of modeling?
On a recent photo shoot, I was a groom where the location was an historic and very scenic plantation. It was such a beautiful place to shoot. Another experience was a group model shoot where eight of us played homeless models addicted to fashion. It was shot in an alley in downtown Miami. It was a really interesting concept and fun to be apart of.

What is your fitness/workout/exercise regiment like? How about your diet?
I try to go to the gym four days per week to work on specific group parts in two day intervals. Each day I alternate from one muscle group to another, trying balance development  and intensity given to each muscle group.
For my diet, I don't eat any junk food, avoid fried foods, and eat a lot of protein. I eat the basic stuff, not a lot of carbohydrates before going to bed. Doing that is not good. The carbs go straight to the belly. 

What do you think are your best physical attributes? Is there any part of your body that you would like to change or aim to work on more?
My eyes and abs are my best physical attributes. However, I love my six pack. I like its curvature and lines, which show so successfully on camera. My legs are not as developed as I would like them to be. They do not develop or respond to work out as quickly as the rest of my body.

South Florida is one of the regions most associated with photo shoots and modeling in the United States. How would you describe the modeling scene there? 

First, yes you are right. I think Miami is a hot spot for modeling in this part of the country.  However it is very competitive. There are many very talented models here; male and female. One of the down sides is that there is a fluctuation of work from season to season. There is a lot of art and culture here to significantly contribute to the city's overall artistic identity.
I would recommend Miami to any aspiring model, but the decision should also depend on what they are interested in doing. Miami is very commercial; New York is more fashion. If they are seeking more commercial work, then Miami is where they should be.

How does the modeling scene and creative style differ in the United States compared to Brazil? 

In Brazil its a little more complicated because of the different styles used as a result of the diverse cultures in south America. The scene differs depending upon the region of Brazil; north is different from south, east from west. Here in the U.S. there is clear distinction between commercial and fashion. Again consider the New York starving fashion models compared to the glamorous chic Miami models.

What are your ultimate dreams and goals in terms of modeling?
My ultimate dream goal is to reach a point where I am the face of a respectable clothing or advertising campaign which is nationally or internationally exposed and I can be proud of.
In five to ten years I’d like to be professionally established, working hard and living happy. Right now I am an adventurer, moving around, somewhat transient. In the future I hope to have more accomplished and built for myself. Right now, I have modeling and acting. But I can see that a modeling career will not last as long as an acting career. For male actors the future is brighter, there is longevity. Lastly, I would perhaps like to maybe open an import/export company which in some way related to Brazil, allowing me to us my Masters Degree in International Business.

What is the best way for people to follow your work?
The best way to follow my career and work is via my Facebook and Model Mayhem profiles, where more can be read about me and additional photos are updated frequently. Thanks so much to for this excellent, most kind photo feature exposure and opportunity.

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