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INTERVIEW: Kevin Gustavson Links Fitness with Poker, Vegas Style

There are lots of male models and men's fitness experts out there. But how many are able to link the principles of poker and gambling with the goals of building muscle and staying fit? 

Kevin Gustavson, for one. While he just recently entered the world of modeling, this Las Vegas-based model has a long-standing dedication to fitness and working out. And he also knows a thing or two about gambling — and he's even helped Vegas-bound gamblers take charge of their health. In this interview, he tells us about the connection. (Kevin is so good at explaining his theories and fitness tips in detail that I didn't have enough space to publish it all here — so if you'd like the full interview, add me on Facebook and I'll be happy to e-mail you the entire interview for free!)

Kevin’s stats:
Age: 22
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 202
Chest: 44”
Waist: 32”
Shoe: 14

You have a very unique story, since you see a connection between poker and health. What can we learn from poker when we're trying to stay fit?
Yes, I agree with you; my story is unique. I would say part of its uniqueness is composed of an aspect of luck, that I was fortunate to take full advantage of. The main similarity I use when relating poker and improving health is the fact that attaining 100% of either is an impossibility. Sure, you can achieve various goals relating to each, but that doesn't mean new goals won't be in your near future once the initial goals are reached. Some health goals may be [to] maintain a certain body fat percent, lose XX pounds/gain XX pounds, cure diabetes, improve overall health, live to a certain age etc. And some poker goals may be: make $XX/year, bump up to a higher limit (while keeping bankroll management in check), watch XX videos/week to elevate game, reach XX% ROI (rate of investment) for x# of tournaments.

Tell us more about poker and physical fitness.
I’d rather not get involved in discussing complex variables of poker, because just like understanding fitness and nutrition, it takes education and time. That’s the main issue I see with both that I suppose is a huge similarity — people simply seeing both as a short route rather than a long journey. They don't understand that proper education will actually save you much time and effort in the long run, while also providing optimal results in every department.

You've been around a lot of poker players since moving to Vegas from Long Island. Are a lot of them into training and fitness, and how do you get them more into it?
Yes I have. Honestly, all the poker players I have met more than once and would consider either friends or acquaintances — about 20 people — were/are CLUELESS about training and fitness. The main personality [trait] I have found has been extreme laziness, and its 100% justifiable if you truly analyze their lifestyle within the last five years and also understand their ages, etc.

How and at what age did you first get interested in modeling?
Modeling, less than a month. Honestly, I don't even tell many people I am a model, because I'm sooooo new to it. It has only been recently that people told me "dude model," so I made a ModelMayhem profile and its been so awesome since then.

What about fitness — when did that start?
Fitness is a different story. I have always been involved with fitness. But I first started working out at age 13 for basketball weights. I did basketball weights during the 10-month off-season in 8th grade leading to 9th grade, and my training and hard work earned me a varsity spot freshman year. I was 6'2" and 190 as a freshman, so yeah I sure didn't look 15. I never stopped; I was always consistent and dedicated. 

What have been your proudest or most exciting moments so far in the field of modeling?
Well since that composes of the last month, I would say my proudest is the last photo shoot I did in my pool last Friday 5/6/2011, because when I saw one of the photos I had a rare thought relating to how I view myself. I am extremely self-critical relating to pictures, so when I saw a picture and the word "impressed" came to mind, it was really gratifying. An awesome feeling that was like "yeah man, you put the work in, good job." My most exciting is underway, I have a trial shoot for something really cool (not jinxing anything) in June, so wish me luck!

What is your fitness/workout/exercise regimen? How about your diet?
Oh man, this is where you get into KG land.  Some people straight up call me a fitness guru because I am very educated and its basically all I do. I don't have a job, my schedule is a joke, and its always sunny ... so all I do is workout.
My lifting routine is ALWAYS changing and evolving so I won't say specifics, basically a combination of all types of lifting (weights, cables, self body). I stretch routinely and also flex routinely. My diet is perfected. I make super salads (nuts, egg whites, blueberries etc), KG smoothies (greek yogurt, whey, casein, fruits, oats), and only healthy food. Healthy eating is something I want to make the norm in society one day with KG Fitness. My main dream is the birth of KG Fitness, a new type of gym aimed to teach perfection in form.

What do you think are your best physical attributes? Is there any part of your body that you would like to change or aim to work on more? 
I consider myself to be proportionally balanced. There isn't a part of my body I want to change. Work on more intensely or different may be the correct wording for myself. I would say hip/oblique/legs overall. My legs are something that don't concern me though, because the only reason they're lacking is injuries in the past. It’s been constant progress with them for 10 months, stretching has helped a lot. And I have a stronger desire to hit miscellaneous muscles like obliques, simply because my body fat is getting extremely low and those muscles show more which adds a nice cut up look that is very hard to achieve when working out naturally.

When did you move from Long Island to Vegas? How would you describe the modeling scene there in Vegas?
I moved to Long Island to Vegas for one reason, my older brother’s poker success. He satellited from an online tournament to EPT London's Main Event in 2009 for a 5,000-euro buy-in with 700 people and got 1st for about $1 million.  So that was the turning point in my life. I am proud of getting an associates degree before instantly moving out like I initially planned though. No, I don't recommend Vegas for aspiring models at all, unless you REALLY love Vegas, ha ha.

What are your ultimate dreams and goals in terms of modeling and physical fitness?
My ultimate dreams might catch you a bit off guard, but the thing is, I truly believe them all to be true. I have a unique story, but I am probably a more unique individual than my story. My dreams in modeling and physical fitness are to achieve a physique where I am a goal. Meaning my goal is a physique similar to Frank Zane's philosophy on proportions, but I am 6'4" and believe I can surpass him in every aspect. I find it trippy people talk about dudes having the "most idolized physique" 40 years later, I mean considering I'm doing this the right way and we have more education at our fingertips. it should be that much more easy.
I would love to be in GQ for modeling and Men's Health for fitness one day.  My physical goals are like 2-3lbs/muscle year so ~222 at 2/2/2017 at 6.22% body fat would be a realistic goal.

Do you enjoy Vegas’s gambling and the casino scene yourself? What about Vegas’s famous all-you-can eat buffets?
Where I live in Vegas isn't probably what you envision. I live 20 minutes south of the strip near a different town in a gated community. It’s really nice and I’ts awesome that I can be involved with the true Vegas scene whenever I want. I cook all my food in a really nice kitchen and it wouldn't be hard otherwise. I truly eat for the feeling overall, not the feeling of the “during.”  My advice for people heading to the buffet table is simply ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish. I know I was stoked one night to find fruits, oats, and juices at the buffet when I played live poker with my buddies. In the end, you choose your destiny. It is in YOUR hands.

Which hotel on the strip has the highest percentage of guests who look like models?
Hotel on the strip with highest percentage of models — hahaha  — this makes me laugh. So to give you my most honest answer, it HAS to be the casino where I am at because that’s where all the female guest models check in.

What is the best way for people to follow your work?
Probably Twitter and Model Mayhem for now. Like I said, I am VERY new to modeling, but I do consider myself to be "above the curve" on the Internet, so I will be starting a blog very soon and basically let the world see how my nutrition and fitness life unfolds as I experience things.

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