Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VIDEO/INTERVIEW: Man on a Mission — Noel Polanco, Vegan Fitness Star

Attention meat eaters: Noel Polanco is out to change your life. This New York City-based, self-proclaimed "Vegan Fitness Star" is living proof that you don't need to be a carnivore to gain muscle and stay in shape. Through his blog, Get Fit Or Die Trying, as well as his Youtube channel, this toned male model also aims to show how you can stay in shape without ever stepping foot in a gym. I've included samples from photoshoots he's done with a variety of photographers, although I hope to do a shoot with him soon, too — so stay tuned.

In this exclusive interview, Polanco shares some of his secrets for looking good and staying in shape — and not a single animal was harmed in the making of that body. 

Noel Polanco's Stats
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150
Waist: 29/30
Chest: 40 

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.
At what age did you start working out?

I got involved in fitness around junior high school. I was chubby and I just ate whatever they gave us in school and at home. I started jumping rope five days a week sometimes seven day a week to lose weight. I didn't want to be chubby anymore, so I lost weight by jumping rope.

At what age did you become a vegan, and why?

When [I was] younger, I came across a video on TV about the cruelty that goes on with animals. How cows were killed and brutally abused. It brought me to tears. I ran to the living room and told my mom, "look at this, what they're doing to the animals." She only replied, "why are you watching that?" It is sick. After that day, every time meat was made in my house I was haunted with the images of what I saw in the video when younger — until one day I said, no more will I eat meat. I don't need eggs, I don't need milk coming from another animal. I dont need none of that. The quote "you are what you eat" stays in my head. Do I want to be rotten flesh, a dead, abused animal? Do I want to drink milk from another animal, and let the baby starve without milk? No. I want to be healthy both from the inside and outside. God left us with everything we need that comes from the earth. If we were really meat eaters, why do we have to cook the meat in order to eat it? The answer is, because we wont like the taste of dead flesh.

How did you decide to "go public" and spread the word through videos and your blog?

I want to show people that there is a better road to walk through. It is not about just looking good from the outside. It's about being healthy from the inside. You don't need meat, junk food, dairy products, steroids to have a great-looking body. Not only does the vegan diet help you look great while working out, it also helps you stay disease free, helps you stay healthy. Why do you think Bill Clinton went vegan? Because he wants to live longer and be able to watch his grandchildren grow.

Noel Planco photographed by Rico Kinnard.

Why should other people should follow your diet and exercise plan?

The main reason is that you will feel better, cleaner, you will stay away from the doctor, and you will live a healthier life. Why wait to hit the age of 40 years old to change your diet. Do it now!

When was your first professional photo shoot? What do you like most about modeling?

I've been modeling for about two years, I would say now. First pro shoot was in '09, I believe. I love outdoor shoots in natural light, and love expressing myself and showing my lean body to the camera. A picture speaks louder than words; that's why I like modeling.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.

What are your ultimate fitness goals?

My ultimate goal is to keep getting stronger and healthier as each day passes by. I hope to come out in fitness magazines, sharing my story and sharing the type of workout I do. It would be dream come true. I also hope to help others lose weight the right way.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.
What are your ultimate goals in terms of your career as a fitness expert, model and promoter of veganism?

To make the world a better place with less cruelty, more awareness. I hope people try out the vegan diet. I hope people watch the animal cruelty videos. To keep showing people it is possible to build muscles on a vegan diet.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.
What are the first steps that someone should take if they want to accomplish what you've accomplished?

Open their eyes, be open minded, and not to be afraid to walk the road that isn't drawn out by society for you.

Noel Polanco photographed by Rico Kinnard.


  1. I love your end animal cruelty picture.
    You speak the truth and wake the talk!
    People, especially men, need to see that they can be strong and healthy on a vegan diet. Your publicly breaking the stereotype!
    This will surely make a difference and inspire others to do the same.
    Pleasure to meet you my fellow animal liberating warrior :)

    Much love.

  2. Vegans are super sexy! And they smell and taste better, too.

  3. He is going to be one of those that magazine will report about. Get ready to feel AMAZING! I am in, are you?! ;)


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