Sunday, February 27, 2011

VIDEO: Nate — Teen Bodybuilder Pumps Up



How do you go from being a self-declared "fat kid" with a 48-inch-waist to an up-and-coming fitness model — not to mention one of the most-watched teen bodybuilders on Youtube? 

For teen bodybuilder Nate, it's taken five years of determination, diet and dedication. The results are truly impressive, as you'll see in this exclusive MALE MODEL VIDEO — part of Nate's first-ever professional photoshoot, and an exclusive for

Watching this video, you'll hear some of Nate's own personal fitness secrets, including how he's built and maintained his massive chest and bulging biceps and triceps. Whether he's flexing his muscles during an on-camera workout or talking about his journey toward physical perfection, Nate has plenty to offer as both a bodybuilder and a male model.

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