Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bodybuilder and Bollywood Movie Star: Is Sahil Khan the Next Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Sahil Khan is a musclebound Bollywood heartthrob.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the first name that comes to mind when you think about bodybuilders and fitness fanatics who've made it big in the movies. But in India, one Bollywood actor has made headlines as much for his rippled muscles as he has for his acting skills. 

Sahil Khan made his acting debut in 2001. His most recent film was Ramaa: The Saviour, an adventure fantasy in which a group of kids are transported to a prehistoric island while playing a video game. The costumes are certainly reminisicent of some earlier garb warn by Arnold. Should we expect the role of governor in Sahil's future too?


  1. he was super hot in ramaa. but the past few years he's starting to get that plastic fantastic, you're almost 40, have obviously had work done and need to lay off the botox marti gras-mask thing going on.

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